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RT @RAICESTEXAS: Think about this for a minute: The U.S. government stood up in a court of law this week and made the argument that…
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30-Minute Dance and Cardio Kickboxing Workout
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RT @emmvh: it’s annoying the minute u have boobs the outfit is considered sexy
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RT @wilojt: Pourquoi se mettre en couple si c’est pour tromper la minute d’après ?
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Our Puccini Festival tour to Lucca is only 7 weeks away, we are all getting prepared and very excited. If you would…
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@nickabacamante 7/11 chika minute
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Thank you for the concert in Düsseldorf last night and the great live music @NikKershaw. I loved every minute of it!
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Last minute event planned for 40 people today - venue sourced, food sorted, entertainment arranged & all before 10:…
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@z_mac87 @ChubbyMonster27 @JohnVChristie @IAKOWRecruiting Don’t take the chubby monster guy serious the minute you…
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@theYJfiles First thing i did when you mention 72 degrees was calculate the Celsiuses, and literally minute later Rich did the same :)
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how close i am to murdering him the minute he steps back into the country
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RT @thefamilydotuk: Last week, Fatimah managed to go to school for only 2 days. She had another breakdown last Wednesday. She said, "Pl…
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@allinwithchris If anyone takes one minute out of their July 4th ho;day to watch / attend this Bulls**t, go out & g…
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RT @anandpmishra: 1 school to 8 schools, 10 faculty members to 450 faculty members, 100 students to 4300 students and the making of I…
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The question shouldn’t be “what is sleep”, the question should be “where is sleep”, cause i aint been able to find…
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RT @JakesTakes: My thoughts on SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME: A movie that starts out good and turns great with every minute that pass…
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i miss this being a 5 minute walk away
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RT @itsjustanx: marvel stans going to see endgame for that one minute new scene just to make sure it beats avatar
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RT @walidacherchour: Pourquoi Scaloni a pris Dybala ? - le mec il a joué une finale de C1 - Il a inscrit plus de 70 buts en Série A -…
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RT @idaandu: I wanna drink water 8x a day but i don’t wanna have to pee 8x per minute
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