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@TehFlood I've had plenty comments about my boobs. From snarky 'too small' to weird internalized comments from wome…
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RT @Qayzr: A few months back, a friend of mine was just months away from marrying the love of his life. He asked me, "Qayyum,…
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I need my half and you got my money what’s so hard about that. Why can you give mine and you keep my money. Don’t get it 🤔
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RT @skull_general: "I'm a victim and I demand that all victims should shut up about their sexual harrassment problems because I shut u…
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@mine_p34 だれかシオン当たらんかったか?。。。
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“I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.”
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RT @Jeff_like_Feff: Hello. About a month ago I learned someone was stealing mine and other content creators videos, remaking them and p…
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RT @TiniaHopkins: ATTENTION TO THOSE THAT WENT TO @midwestfurfest ! If you used any of the ATM in the Hyatt to withdraw money, contac…
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RT @ishi_ishishi: Diana Maria Mineの蛍。ロジャリー近くの別鉱山でオーナーさんが付けた鉱山名ということでOKですよね?産地の特徴も見て取れる、色、結晶、価格ともに満足の一品。海外ブースにて。母岩付は本当に見ないですねぇ。
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@aninterlude_ Hahahaha, well. Mine is a love lighting
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Well, r u mine?
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panic attacks are starting to become a friend of mine and i hate it...
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RT @ImAngelaPowers: I don't know what your future holds for you, but mine holds a bottle of Hennessy.
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RT @relativise: #Macron le roi du en même temps. Il veut des sacrifices, mais il s'offre #chambord. Il protege la cause animale, ma…
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RT @kiIIakaye: i’ll spoil and cater for mine with no problem... that shit comes natural, but that’s for MY nigga.. MINE can get wh…
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RT @Janu_ary_: 옆으로 크는 것을 걱정하고 있지만 1차밥-2차밥-후식까지 챙겨먹는 사와무라 다이치(대식가, 귀여움)
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RT @Nice1Louis: Si @maymayentrata07 daw ang "just mine" este Jasmine ni Edward ayiiieeeh! Hahaha PaskuhanSaASAP withMAYWARD
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RT @OhEmmeG: “you like hood niggas but what about they PTSD?” bitch what about mine? u think i aint seen a mf get popped before?
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RT @robynmcdonaId6: So hard to bite ur tongue when u have a tempter like mine n all u want to do is smash cunts faces aff a curb n kick them to death 😛
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