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Soldo got rubbed out for that? Goodness me. Michael Christian is a worse judge than I thought.
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@Angeloeli1 I feel like I was cheated on from how shit of a ending
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RT @TalbertSwan: .@JoeBiden says “beating Trump” is the “most important thing.” Would that have saved: Trayvon Martin Freddie Gray…
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@TestGreatest @TheEdgeFilm2019 @CricketAus @englandcricket 1) Phillip Hughes 2) Simon katich 3) Michael Clarke 4)…
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RT @rhyrhyrhythm: 【次回🔥】予約受付中! STUNNER × FOR ME pre. THE BRIDGE Vol.2 2019/6/1(土) 18:00/18:30 2500円(D別)/3000円(D別) STUNNER ank Daisuk…
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@immichaelwalker Awesome body Michael great looking ass too nice
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Discussing Paul “Trouble” Anderson last night with Michael Aspinall brought tears to my eyes...
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RT @TheRachelFisher: Sansa in front of absolutely everyone: “Bran’s dick doesn’t work.”
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Yeahhh but more HBO series
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May’s Sales Meeting in full flow today in head office. So much to go through and so much to talk about. Exciting ti…
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@SkillUpYT @Ubisoft i'm still mad they replaced michael ironside as sam fishers VA
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RT @onderseren: 1993'te gerçekleştirilen İstanbul konserleriymiş 26 mayıs- guns’n roses 20 haziran - elton john 25 haziran - metal…
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@JewelStaite There were many complaints about Michael Keaton prior to his now iconic Batman, the same for Heath Led…
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RT @gutbranson: UN-Migrationspakt und Medien: Wenn Gesinnungsethik die sachliche Aufklärung verhindert via @welt
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RT @marksutton65: Michael Schumacher playing tennis in Monaco 1993, I was invited to an event at the Monte Carlo tennis club by a rac…
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RT @LanaWWE: If you would have told me a year ago that “The Office” after Michael Scott left would have a more satisfying and he…
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RT @ArlanWasHere: Robert F. Smith is the richest Black person in the U.S. He just pledged to pay all 400 @Morehouse graduating class…
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RT @PalmerReport: Deutsche Bank: Trump is a criminal Justin Amash: Trump is a criminal Michael Cohen: Trump is a criminal Don McGa…
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RT @MalamMBs_Daily: #AnotherRoyalWedding. Lady Gabriella Windsor, 2nd & last child of Their Royal Highnesses Prince & Princess Michael…
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Anyone want to make a mad dash to Birmingham to see Michael Bublé tonight?? I can’t go!!!!! 🤢 🤮 😷 🤒 2 tickets available!
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