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RT @vijay_gvijay: Absolutely bro, these BJP doing unethical politics. Only they need power in their minds. We all felt very happy af…
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Some days are headphones in, music on shuffle, get through it days. Today may be one of those days.
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@Super70sSports I love Zobie but come on man... get ahold of yourself. His wife was a hot mess anyway. Time for him…
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The entire Trump administration is a mess...
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RT @MichaelBensonn: 🔷 Despite Andy Ruiz Jr saying he calls the shots, Eddie Hearn has insisted Anthony Joshua will ultimately decide wh…
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@chanskittenmin AKSJALSK it was so colorful in my head, but I still struggle with colors, so it's all a muddy mess now aaAh
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@ihaluushx Never mess with Ostrich 😂
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RT @day6_sngjn: im so fcking lucky i get to be alive the same time day6 is,, like we are in the same planet and i get to listen ad…
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@ThisMuchMadness @PatHennessey4 @Sky_Masters737 @NRA Good luck getting Wally & Bubba to mess with wasted paperwork…
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RT @ajplus: New York just banned discrimination against natural hair textures and hairstyles "historically associated with race…
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RT @MrOdanz: EDIT: "I wouldn't want to admit it but my parents were dumb and unfit to raise kids. Just take a look at the mess…
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RT @elenka29: HOW TO HAVE A STRESS FREE SUMMER! Sharing our favorite tips on how to keep kids happy and yourself - less stressed.…
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The incompetence of @AmericanAir is almost unbelievable. @Delta please offer more flights from @AUStinAirport so yo…
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RT @TailgatingChall: Charcoal Chimney Giveaway from: @ezflamebbq enter to WIN this amazing chimney that gets the charcoal going with no…
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RT @taylornic0le13: i’m sorry but if you’re a girl and you mess with a dude that clearly has a girlfriend you are a WHORE.
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RT @darkparadise017: Bitches be like “don’t mess w me, I’m a syco🤪🔪” yeah, & a fucking retard too 💁
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@SProctorGolf @TheOpen @DrTParkerGolf The whole affair was a mess- it’s my understanding that the golfer struck by…
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Haine Road was a mess of pretty wildflowers and soggy cardboard... Catholic prayer beads hung nearby, soaked with Vimto.
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the slides look like a hot mess and i have no idea what to add in for my part any more good bye
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@dbongino POTUS told them to go back where they came from bc they’re Brown, not bc they’re unpopular or disagree with him. He’s a mess.
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