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@nothereforshitt @lmlynasty @ComradeX02 @70sfcrman seriously? have you not seen the disgusting tweets coming at doj…
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RT @Tsgxy_: Kenapa ye kalau orang datang klinik/hospital nak amik mc kena judge? Kadang2 depa ni tak sakit pun cuma depa ni men…
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RT @ErRpf: On 14.08.2022, RPF staff of Asansol Division rescued 01 mentally depressed female person at Jasidih Railway Station…
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RT @overdramatique: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted 🥰
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RT @sagistarbb: It’s really that fucking simple. Idk why people act like boundaries that are set to make sure one is mentally and e…
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These long distance relationships we'll literally irritate you emotionally and mentally ...
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Me if being a mentally ill, autistic, ADHD psychopath with brain worms was a sport
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RT @BravensOfficial: Are you financially, mentally and physically ready for the week?! GM fellas 🥀🌹
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RT @BravensOfficial: Are you financially, mentally and physically ready for the week?! GM fellas 🥀🌹
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my stress tolerance for him has maxed out I physically, mentally, or emotionally cannot stress about him anymore an…
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RT @gIoomyweather: mentally i'm here.
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RT @gIoomyweather: mentally i'm here.
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to vote for PO because I can clearly see he is physically, mentally and otherwise fit to be called the Prseident of…
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at individual becomes mentally incapable. These decisions involve issues like residence, medical care and life support.
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RT @mrmacaronii: A good leader must be selfless, a good communicator, accountable, transparent, passionate, physically and mentally…
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RT @BurlyMonk: The desire for things to be different usually creates tension within us. Either physically or mentally.
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RT @xavierofficials: i would be unstoppable if I was mentally stable
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RT @QueenJMCG_: Jema "walang pahinga" Galanza PVL 2021 AVC 2021 PVL 2022 SEAG 2022 PVL 2022 👉🏼AVC 2022 Robot yarn? stay healthy!…
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