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@MadelineYMaga liberals have a higher level of mental illness.
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@Yvonne_Godswill Iyoo girl 👧 good night mental health at stake take it easy
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RT @valormental: La sobrecarga de información es igual a la falta de conocimiento. 5 pasos para liberar tu cabeza de ruido y ganar…
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RT @MikeTrout: Be kind to others, be kind to yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Very happy to announce that I will be…
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When your mental processes and behavior are aligned there really is no stopping you
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Quédate con quien te de estabilidad emocional y salud mental, porque problemas y bajezas, cualquiera. En serio.
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@ninaturner This people is so delusional that they pretend to eraser all the facts and science , just to justify th…
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Hiç bir şeyin düzelmeyişi beni mental anlamda öldürüyor. Her günüm bir önceki günden daha kötü.
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RT @anttrindade: luisa sonza que me perdoe mas hoje eu pularia do penhasco não pq eu não gosto de viver mas sim por uma questão de saúde mental
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RT @Carolinatoro: ¿Se imaginan a alguien tan alienado mentalmente que sea capaz de buscarte en Instagram para decirte esto? Estoy de…
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RT @PhilOfLife_: No relationship worth damaging your mental health.
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RT @What46HasDone: The lack of discussion around Trump's age and his mental health has been absolute journalistic malpractice. It's…
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RT @GrahamAllen_1: This wasn’t 3yrs ago….this was yesterday?!?! This is what Mental Illness looks like!
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-Available data suggest climate-induced mental ill-health could have negative impacts on the workplace if employees…
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@Yvonne_Godswill Yvonne don't them border you biko your mental health mbok my love
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RT @avallebe: @everstrongever Un presidente que debe borrar trinos cada minuto porque su capacidad mental no le permite ser coher…
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-There is sparse literature on whether & how mental health effects of CC affect workplace behaviours.
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RT @elsyandria: Bismillah, Aku ingin bercerita bagaimana mental kakak kandungku dibuat hancur oleh ke dua orang ini, yang menari di…
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just remembered i spent my sweet 16 in the mental hospital and they gave me a cupcake
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-Mental health, CC & workplace behaviours are rarely discussed together.
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