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RT @c2much_: I will never understand why... STRAIGHT MEN THAT DON’T LIKE GAY MEN CARE SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT GAY MEN DO!?!!?!?!?!?!???!???
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@SethAbramson Media has no clue who most people will support. Most people don’t follow politics. The media seems to…
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@JexShinigami @Wacken @sabaton The Attack of the Dead Men is awesome. I then looked it up and was stunned by how b…
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*jumps on the bandwagon* gave up on men. Finding your person ain’t as easy as these cute couples make it look
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A solid skincare routine makes a huge difference for men, that is why it is essential to follow this routine daily…
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RT @jamesplake721: Jerome Congress men and women go to jail all the time. We don't always find out about it. But a nice black congress…
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RT @SabinaAnn_: Men buy the same game every year. Mugs.
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RT @SomeEuropeanG_y: >’white people are acting out and destroying the republic in order to maintain whiteness’ >’white women continuall…
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One thing I’ve learned in the past 24 hours is that men really ARE trash and I was just too dumb to see it on my part 💁🏼‍♂️
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RT @EmeraldRobinson: These are facts: Ilhan Omar was married to two men at once. And one man has the same name & birthdate as her brothe…
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RT @soynormal: El himno de Magaluf es "It's raining men"
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RT @BIG_LEOENERGY: Cardi B?? J lo??? Lizzo??? Constance Wu??? That one white girl from riverdale ??? Keke Palmer ???? Scamming men????…
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RT @ariibay: I want a boyfriend ...don’t worry guys , I’m okay. This is likely just PMS in my feelings talk. I wanna be in love…
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RT @LMGVids: The green army men are riding on the #Incredicoaster
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RT @bcaheritage: Dr Rollock (@nicolarollock) and Nels Abbey (@nelsabbey) talk about whether black women experience more racism in th…
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Even at almost 40 men are idiots.
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RT @EmeraldRobinson: These are facts: Ilhan Omar was married to two men at once. And one man has the same name & birthdate as her brothe…
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RT @__hto__: Sigh Megan Thee Stallion pushed the concept of a Hot Girl/ Hot Boy summer to encourage women and men to live their…
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RT @boopyape: “do ALL asian men have small dicks?” idk I haven’t seen all of them, have you?
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