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RT @knucklefuckk: this is called domestic violence. Notice how nobody jumps in to say anything. But if it were a man yelling at his g…
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RT @CllrBSilvester: So, can you have a Muslim wedding, but not be married in UK law? Yes. Having a Muslim marriage doesn’t mean you are…
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RT @corduevak: bisexual culture is hating yourself for liking men too bc men are fucking trash
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Matthew Weiner Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations But Says on ‘Mad Men’ He was ‘Angry a Lot of the Time’ #Gossip 5
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RT @UN_Women: The planet is under threat. The time to act is now. #COP23
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RT @lindbergpolemik: Efter väpnade rån vid Spånga torg funderar rika villaägare i Solhem på att finansiera egna vakter. Men polisen är…
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Interesting insights into one of the places where Australian men met Japanese women during the occupation
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RT @sithpeach: -women can do what they want with their bodies -men cannot do what they want with women’s bodies which bit are you…
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RT @EberhardDavid: Det har funnits och finns många mycket värre platser än dagens Sverige, men frågan är om det funnits något ställe som varit mer infantilt
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RT @TrickersShoes: If you’re shopping in #Cardiff #Wales today, pop into @broguetrader_ in the Morgan Quarter which specialises in qua…
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@Tyskfotboll Men det finns typ 3 världsklass vänsterbackar 7 riktigt bra men i kategorin efter det tycker jag man hittar den gode Marcel.
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@TineGjerlv Så er det ikke jer selv der forpester luften, men det skulle jo nødig hedde sig, hvor trist med personer som dig
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RT @_oculusmundi: Men. Stop telling women what you approve of in women. We don't fucking care.
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RT @hati2diInternet: 1.Hua Ze Koesnandi 2.Dao Ming Supriyatna 3.San Chai 4.Mei Zuo Murtholib 5.Khoirul Xi Men
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RT @Yan_Boriz: Seriöst: Är varken eller när det kommer till Rikard Wolff, men det här kändes i magen.
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RT @bhogleharsha: 8 men on the boundary for no 10 for a bowler who has 4-22 in 18 overs!!! Am I really seeing this?
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RT @Mariselllla: 1. Athletes 2. Military men 3. Scammers/Trap niggas 4. DJs/Rappers 5. Niggas who nut quick
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RT @TheDweck: I prefer that other policy for men: Don’t be a rapist
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