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RT @BABYB0YBANGTAN: namjoon: *teaching the members english* namjoon: im getting tired jin: hhhhh alright, move, i got this
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#RCN19 AGM. Nursing family members unanimously standing up and clapping is support of Northern Irish nurses…
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RT @hyuckgospoilers: Donghyuck distracting other members by being cute is what I live for
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@OwenJones84 What you say may be true. However, people including a lot of Labour Party members will abandon the pa…
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RT @TXTranslations: "One Drem! Hello we are Tomorrow By Together! TH: This time, we are It'S SKIN's models!" 👏 @TXT_members @TXT_bighit
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RT @TXTranslations: "One Drem! Hello we are Tomorrow By Together! TH: This time, we are It'S SKIN's models!" 👏 @TXT_members @TXT_bighit
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NCT (i stan all 21 members)
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RT @Elvi50062071: #TXTinDallas Un bebé gigante cargando a otro bebé gigante 🙊💜❤💜❤ jaja Soobin no pido mucho 😁 Ellos son casi del mism…
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RT @ScottHech: SEAL team 7 members filed formal complaints & called for an investigation about the “shocking acts” they had seen t…
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@AkhtarTakhsin @FreddieBailey96 There's more to the group than just cabinet. Group chair/vice are women, 2/3 mem' c…
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RT @sessia_clients: Attention SESSIA members! Don’t miss your chance to claim FREE tokens! To learn more informaition, check our Tele…
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RT @ahjaesshi: jaehwan: wanna one members cheer on one another a lot. usually, more than cheering, i remember times when we send c…
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Thanks also to my amazing colleagues at @hospiceuk for all their hard work and our Forum members for their wisdom &…
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RT @ebatruth: @vanbadham I don't use FB or watch TV much but I saw it about 3 billion times on TV, lined up with a handful of oth…
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RT @lipstick_chatea: Y'all need to understand that the members don't care and won't care nor give an f about if they have solo fandoms a…
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RT @justinamash: Few members of Congress even read Mueller’s report; their minds were made up based on partisan affiliation—and it s…
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@hyubjaes for the members I am:the weird kid. At least he knows 😌😂😂 thanks for the trans 💖💖
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