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RT @KCON_Global: [#KCON2019JAPAN] #MONSTAX on #KCONMnG STAGE #MONSTAX's hidden charms totally got us at Meet&Greet!…
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Deadpool and pikachu meet 😂 my niece already loves both of @VancityReynolds characters and she’s only 1 😂
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RT @jessnortonxo: anyone wanna meet up for a fuck off game a rounders or what
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@msclairebiddles It’s what we DESERVE!!! I’ll be staying in Clapham but will meet you anywhere/everywhere/etc!!
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RT @caseysjournal: “False-positives” - the innocents murdered in Colombia by the military to meet quotas - is a phrase many want to fo…
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RT @AshishSinghLIVE: Contrary to speculations, @Mayawati Not coming to Delhi tomorrow, visit to Delhi & her meet with leaders like Cong…
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RT @Register_Herald: Organized chaos. A better statement may be, well organized chaos.
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y’all I need to meet her
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Every time I get stressed I literally get a knot right where my neck and shoulders meet. It’s so fun when you liter…
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RT @rusman1981: A unique part of the state track meet is the graduation ceremony for runners that miss the ceremony at the school.…
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RT @richyxez: if rn isn’t for us, i pray we meet again & if not i wish you find your happiness.
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RT @ThymeForWork: The attached briefing photo is aimed at ex-offenders, and we seek introductory referrals from the Prisons, Probatio…
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The #Lithium chemical industry needs a projected U$17 billion by 2025. I agree with @lowryjp that oversupply is a…
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@crlsrdz_ @demi_burnett I need to meet both of you bc y'all are hilarious
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RT @ScottPresler: Tomorrow, I'm driving to Pennsylvania for the Montoursville rally. I am SO excited, I feel like I could just burs…
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@CanWeGetMchHiya Tbh idk shit bout that cuz I ain’t one of those and I have yet to meet someone who didn’t wanna he…
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@RaistTheSlyOne @TolarianCollege I'd much rather have one on Eberron. Having Karn meet a Warforged would be hilarious.
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