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RT @iAnkurSingh: Rajiv Gandhi brought Social Media ~ Ashok Gehlot 😂😂😂😂
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RT @MashwaniAzhar: I thought someone from PMO leaked his footage (last bit especially ) 😂 And Crime Minister has given a Billion Rs at…
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RT @nonso_nnamani: First, we need a media center for Peter OBI. We will need Translators, Video Editors, Voice Over artistes In all…
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RT @onikascrown: I’m kinda over social media but twitter and tiktok addicting
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RT @AUTOMATONJapan: 【ニュース】『どうぶつの森』ファン、『The Sims 4』に“カエルっぽいチェア”登場で歓喜。謎のカリスマ家具がとうとう作品の壁超える
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RT @GurjarTejinder: Most welcome Alka Lamba G , National Spokeperson INC & Nitin Agarwal Ji (National Coordinator , Social Media) & all…
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RT @TheReal1BChas3: Social Media is not REAL!!!!!
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RT @iwaiyu_ki: #ハライチのYAMi 最新回更新されました! 寝取られ『NTRコンビ王』前編、後編! これマジで面白いです! smash.のアプリで観て下さい。
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RT @phkule: The student-leaders present here raise their placards, calling for the defense of academic freedom and democratic r…
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RT @BillBeosa: Look how yt media is better at reporting and expressing endless sadness, when the victims are not Black citizens, w…
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@mandan1311 @Dylan_Tyler @FandomMenaceLs I hope you are never allowed any piece of media.
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@DonAlton6 Most actually do get along. No, I’m not a privileged 1%er living in an alternative universe. It’s the me…
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RT @rajeshmadaan13: Conspiracy Exposed against Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu There is no mention of rape in F.I.R. & all evidence shows the…
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RT @barry: Now just imagine what cops lie about when the entirety of the national media isn’t there to poke holes in their story
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RT @lesbiansrpretty: The world needs more femme4butch and butch4butch representation in media
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RT @fletcher_arthur: @jean15849180 We don’t need a new broom at the ABC. We need a bloody mechanical street sweeper. The only programs I…
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@PaulPerezRioja Melgar va a soltar a Ramos y Reyna a media temporada con lo que se están jugando? Tendría que venir…
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RT @fizzgigm: @Vic_Rollison @jackbollocks Steve Price is a weathercock. He will literally say anything if it gets him attention.…
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RT @Ruthe_Langley: เบิร์นเสียวดูดจนน้ำแตกหนูชอบจังควยพี่ใหญ่คับหี
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