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@A_y_n_e_s_ i thought goody 2 shoes means i have to be good and kind person inside and outside ?😋
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RT @SusanismTemple: @RobinsonCarol We must wage fullscale cultural warfare against the state of Alabama. We must not tolerate this Dark…
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RT @ShoMadjozi: We need to fight for each other. Because if a woman’s beauty opens doors for her, it means that men still hold the keys! And that must fall.
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RT @kjmn91: You're Invited to our Wedding ⠀ ♡ sᴀᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ♡ @kjmn91 & @deulgey 📆 : Saturday, 29 June 2019 ⏰ : 7 PM 👔 : Fo…
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In all neighboring countries they are but illegal Bangladeshis. Only in Myanmar they become "Ro" privileged as NGO…
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RT @Iifeadvice: if I block you on social media or block your phone number, it doesn’t mean I’m being childish, petty, or that you “…
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@schlaf That usually means the meeting should have been an email
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bc daniel & seongwu debut are in july it also means we get pride month extended
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RT @wildhormoans: I voted sha. Really feel like I’ve done my part for television politics. Arabrexit means Arabrexit. #loveisland
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@TheCollector198 @SHOGUN4WEREWOLF Thank you. You have no idea what this tweet or scene means to me. I am here in…
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@Daddyduwsf If PA or worse PAS already are a fact, then to me the only wise decision would be to remove the childre…
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Going to bed pissed off means tomorrow is gonna be one shit day 👍🏼
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RT @AdamMilstein: Horrific story - a Palestinian man murdered a German real estate investor because he was a “rich Jew” who destroyed…
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True love means you're able to wait.
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The most exciting part about graduating means I can plan trips now 😭😭 where tf we going fam?!
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@DellAnnaLuca @mjesun @dhh I believe it’s the same here in 🇳🇱. Prices for nearly everything medical are managed by…
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RT @JbKnockout: I’m 21 and I wanna be married around 28 which means I need 1 year of engagement, 2 years of serious dating, 1 year…
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RT @MoSalah: Women must be treated with the utmost respect. “No” means “no”. Those things are and must remain sacred. I also bel…
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If he doesn't get credited in KOMCA that means they actually stole his song...I am just saying
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