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RT @XLNB: It’s not lost on us that you deliberately chose to call a black man, protecting his family, a “shooter”, while labe…
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RT @CP24: A man that called 911 and claimed that he was stranded on the Scarborough Bluffs was taken into custody on Friday m…
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RT @ChiefGodd4Real: Don't fear no man that can die like me
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RT @theneedledrop: A man on Instagram who reviews forks reviewed my fork.
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@CharltonLife Don’t let it bother you, petal. Move on. Man up.
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When people stand up for oppressed groups, they brand it as fake, insincere "virtue signaling," because it's what t…
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RT @DevinCow: Local man who wrote a memo based on evidence he didn’t read lies about an impeachment referral based on real eviden…
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noch mehr down thinken, weil sie meine zb gut fanden. versteht man was ich meine
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RT @XLNB: It’s not lost on us that you deliberately chose to call a black man, protecting his family, a “shooter”, while labe…
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RT @_Deashay: If a man puts you into a better position in life ,consider yourself BLESSED🤞🏾 cause it’s niggas that’ll watch you s…
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RT @ElleKay_XO: Jayde Pierce said ‘I have never wanted to be a woman that asks a man to change several times because honestly you h…
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RT @TalbertSwan: 21 felony sex counts for supplying her daughters boyfriends, 14 and 15, with cigars and alcohol, and having ongoing…
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RT @nctitiz: me ending up with a man but still dreaming about being johnny's wife
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Simple summary of the behaviour of the Republican President. God give strength to everyone troubled by this man.
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Aports o lablayp? — May lablayp man o wala,,,,aports pa rin yiee
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RT @WalshFreedom: No Republican can spin it. It's the portrait of an unethical, dishonest, unpatriotic & immoral man. He welcomed &…
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RT @chjaved76671: #جہیز_کی_تباہ_کاریاں Be a man,not a beggar
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RT @hertaetae: Why does taehyung looks like a 80-90 heartthrobs classical man just walking causally in the streets of London, BUT…
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