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RT @YousefMunayyer: Here's the latest thing the Israeli military is saying. This new video makes it clear there was no crossfire as the…
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RT @fraxiommusic: this really makes you think...
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If anyone wants a real story of DV and courts and cops not doing their job ..i have one for you..smh this makes me sick.
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@DeepInIttt Lmao if it makes you feel better grammar police. Still a poverty franchise 😹
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What makes our Twitter Swedes return to my feed although they want me dead for every letter is that I am always hit…
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@mrmokeycat @stripeyspotty will granny gives yous anyfink dairy just to makes yous feel extra special? 😽🐾
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RT @yafavputa_: witnessing my own growth makes me happy.
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RT @PoochOTron: @AdamBienkov It does feel a bit of a whitewash, quite how Johnson can be at a party and not fined when others were…
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Scientists look at molecular artifacts to explain the origin of life, while ignoring that there a vital energy whic…
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deGrom is not even on a mound yet, so could be a tight race to see who makes it back first.
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He/she is up. That makes you grateful. It's how ؟? ٱونٱس ⁦ٱنٱس
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RT @Dikshubts7: Bts performing otsukare makes me so happy
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RT @PPathole: It makes sense why @elonmusk doesn't wanna vote for Democrats. Biden doesn't invite Tesla to EV summit, while Tesla…
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RT @BW: If you're not charring your fruits and vegetables, you're missing out on a huge world of flavor, says grill master…
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RT @cwindependence: As announced at the CW Upfronts in NYC today, @Mark_Sheppard has joined the cast of #WalkerIndependence and makes a…
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RT @jamesfromcourt: Audience and jury got a laugh out of Depps former lawyer being permanently banned from Twitter, particularly juror…
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@Dulli__ there's no better this or better that in music. Its always abt how it makes u feel and how u…
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People who sell their ebook at low price are going to eat the biggest FOMO in the history of Nft but I understand t…
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@dailystartupfix Comfort is the most underrated addiction. It makes people give up their hopes and dreams just to get another dose.
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