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What are you doing for #GoodFriday to make it a great Friday?
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@schemaly @crankypatriot 1) Forbes is the GOP 2) The GOP props up Bernie & Pete and are scared of Biden 3) I dou…
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RT @Jefflin211: Johnathan and I will be signing on Monday at 5:00 either library or gym let me know if you can make it!!🏈🤗
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Searched the server with every parameter I could think of. Immediate bingo. It was a Word doc. So I went back to…
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RT @CountDankulaTV: Hey @Channel4News why did you deceptively edit the audio recording of the joke I told to make it sound worse? You…
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RT @realhublife: Hey @GenFlynn Once you're done being exonerated and doing all of the major talk show interviews and speeches... wo…
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I guess I'll make a video
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RT @jushcallmechars: DEPRESSION: I’ll make you sad. PARANOIA: I’ll make you feel like no one likes you. ANXIETY: I’ll give you a panic…
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@nishantchat Nishant your huge huge huge fan today is my birthday please follow me and make my day
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@elonmusk make me a sandwich
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Reo is crossdresser but, he is phobia of mirror. How can he make his face without mirror?
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RT @2018_mra: If u think my #NOTA will not effect u then come out of ur dreams. Lakhs of MRA' S like me are opting for it. #Nota…
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RT @SCC_RoadSafety: Make sure you've got enough fuel for your journey before setting off - running out on a busy stretch of road puts t…
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You are not too old to: 1 change your mind 2 forgive first 3 learn a new skill 4 share wisdom 5 be afraid 6 apolog…
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@JeanClithero @oliviackcs Hi! Going to church if allergies get better. Might make a quick stop at #palsporch around 7:30. And yours?
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RT @billboard: BTS performed their song "Make It Right" for the first time! #BillboardNews
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RT @DoneganDude: Im still not over how Nina killed two snatch game characters, wore a super unique runway and lost to silky who play…
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RT @isharrypride: on this day he pulled himself together and did his best to not disappoint his fans who were there for him, even whe…
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RT @notbry: someone make this video of jhunie jacking off a banana then eating it with zero hesitation into a gif
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With Brian Dozier's slow offensive start, why don't the @Nationals just make Howie Kendrick their regular second baseman? #bleachertweets
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