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RT @radiombc: 아가새를 웃게 해줄 💚갓세븐💚 하이라이트 모음.zip 텐션 폭발한 갓칠이들 보고 광대 리프팅하세요😎 취이이이즈~🧀 (SUB) Who wants to make you laugh? NANANA! GOT7💚…
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RT @BlogJulianKomar: Trade without fear is the ultimate goal. Everything feels natural, calm and "in flow". Make it a goal to become a…
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RT @ryliethewalrus: "Could we possibly make anymore noise?!" My own spin on an amazing piece of Halo 2 art I'm sure we've all seen bef…
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@bikewalkperth @CityofWanneroo Why didn't they put it in the middle of the road instead? I mean, sure, you gotta br…
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RT @moidajie: yihyun usually has a high voice, she has ear-piercing screams in thriller and horror. idk much but i think she has…
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RT @TheAngryEpi: I don’t know about you, but I’d be tremendously interested in seeing what would happen if a US airline CEO had the…
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@tedcruz you make me sick #karmasabitch
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This @ficogenic dey sing fireeeee😭😭😭😭, e dey make me cry 😭😭😘❤️❤️. #GoodVibesOnly
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RT @Stunnianna: One thing bout that man UPSTAIRSSSS. He gone make sure I’m straight.
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Okay I don't know what it is with Wisconsin and old fashioneds but for the love of fuck just make them normally
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RT @JoJoFromJerz: If you think the answer to school shootings is to make public schools more like prisons while doing NOTHING about g…
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RT @MeetPrisha: People spend their lifelong earning to make their kid future. His networth is 2000 Crores. Only 10% of his networth…
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RT @1325_shiho: Junghwan using the 🍀 on his latest post It makes me think it's his way of having Mashiho present, it probably doesn…
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RT @itsaustinee: If u like me don’t ever make me chase you, i will give up, i don’t care.
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RT @TargetHumanity: #LetNoOneSleepHungry Followers of Dera Sacha Sauda are fasting once a week to get spiritual and health benefits and…
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RT @AbhyudayaMohan: RCB qualified only to make the heartbreak feel worse
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Check out the latest from the #RWM Bloggers: Try This Easy-to-Make Red, White, & Blue Summer Berry Trifle #summer…
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I'm completely pro-gun ownership, and I believe kids make mistakes and can change. But there's no reason why a kid…
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Make a headcanon where Emiya Shirou is a saniwa
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RT @GarinFlowers: To those who said Miami won’t make game 7 #MIAvsBOS
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