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Thanks John major
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RT @Gann540: #ETHEUR $ETH on a major support level now If you wanna buy ,do it BUT - your stop loss is 10% -it’s a high risk po…
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Report reveals the major changes in the UK housing market in last five
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RT @realBillBean: @Jamierodr10 @RodStryker May a force of men be put together soon, to sweep the streets of these domestic terrorists…
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RT @SultanHajiyev: Is it the right time to support #Peoplewithdisabilities in #Libya and will it ever be, given the plethora of other…
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this man has major anger management issues!!!! why tf is he still in the fckn show #BB12
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Fink: Financial literacy still a major issue - CNBC
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RT @TravelDorset: If you’re travelling further afield to London Paddington, no trains arriving or departing the station until further…
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RT @sarahwollaston: Former PM John Major telling it as It is on #Brexit “a colossal misjudgment that will diminish both the UK and the…
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Audition ce matin de l’amiral Christophe Prazuck, chef d’état-major de la marine, pour évoquer le Projet de Loi de…
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RT @BrexitTory_: John Major, “It’s not politically credible to say we’ve reconsidered, let’s have another referendum.” Strange how…
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@imparryill Holy frick major blushing hours
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RT @Abalisah: up thinking how the earth is gonna reach its breaking point with the next 20 years because of major corporations an…
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40% of your cabinet being youth isn't the major issue what are your economic plan for the country, we need to know…
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RT @kenziejcarp: Every time I get on Pinterest I want to chop my hair, get 5 tiny tattoos, buy a whole new wardrobe, get dedicated t…
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RT @oflynnmep: John Major claims he has made no false promises on Brexit. That’s wrong though isn’t it? Didn’t he promise to respect the referendum result?
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RT @acgrayling: Here you have the unvarnished, sensible, grown-up truth. I wish to god a majority of our MPs could respond appropri…
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RT @adgpi: 17 October 1962, Northern Ladakh. Major Sardul Singh Randhawa, while defending area of Karakoram Pass & Chip Chap R…
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mag tinarong na jud ko sa akong major second sem biiiiii huhuhu
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RT @Peston: Sir John Major says @BorisJohnson and @michaelgove will never be forgiven
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