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ini messi diskor gak main 4 laga termasuk klub apa cemana??
@SimplyLee14 as a human, you often have to go on tone of voice and subtle body language. But you're right, diagnosis will be main area
Facebook adds nearly everything Snapchat does to its main app
RT @itoen1966_jp: ■2017年4月9日まで■ 『氷水出し 抹茶入りお~いお茶600ml』が430,000名様にその場で当たる!! ▼応募方法▼ ①「 @itoen1966_jp 」をフォロー ②本投稿をリツイート ③↓キャンペーンページから「抽選」…
@LesserSero peacock beo and band is my main team adding eliza is my teir whore team bc she op
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증거인멸 가능성·공범과 형평성…‘박근혜 구속’ 가른다 (출처 : 경향신문 | 네이버 뉴스)
Полигон ТБО в Геническе после долгого перерыва возобновит прием мусора с Арабатской стрелки
RT @NewNorth_za: 🚨🚨The boys are taking it all the way to the top for the main event on Saturday with @akaworldwide @Taboo_jhb ‼️Ⓜ️🔝🚀…
VIDEO: Fail! Players call for help as shoelaces tangle in challenge
RT @so_mkb: quand t'as levé la main pour être interrogé et qu'un camarade dit la réponse sans levé la main
RT @ultra: All the main stage sets this year were recorded in full 4K resolution and are available absolutely FREE! Just ask the artist to upload it
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@Maryam94076866 aur chay main cheni Dall k peny walon ka a lag hisab hoga
Facebook Launches Stories Feature in Main App Because Everything Is Snapchat Now
'It's better to be here than to go anywhere else' - Ramos wants Isco to stay at Real Madrid
@ecahhhhhhhh49 comei kasut. Buat main badminton best tu haha