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This is the kind of striker United needed desperately, but Ole and his pal Phelan decided otherwise. This is the ma…
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Omg omg look at the costume choices!! He will officially be my main!! (I still haven’t unlocked everyone yet 😓)
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@tae_hawks @SeahawksFan___ To be fair, the OL did suck, but Cam was just so good that year that he played despite i…
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Gonta ganti status, gonta ganti dp, main bc tc hahahah, D ✔️ delivered R ✔️✔️ #bbm
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RT @iamkevoo: Women are good at cheating because side niggas never try to be petty or wreck the relationship to become main..
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Main ishq Ki Raah Main Ek Yateem Sa Faqeer Hun, ; Sagar, ; Kon Ameer Hai Jo Aj kherat MEiN Meri Muhabat Dela Dy, .-._.-,> '-._SaM
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RT @minspolaris: Q. JR, ur a leader+main dancer, however u don’t direct choreo 🐢I think about how we can make the whole stage look b…
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@Isis_PeVi It's a more interesting take on being blasphemous than most metal-related bands do, musically though the…
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RT @tomjsimcock: How buying over renting (with just a £17k deposit) could save you £1m. But, the main issue is that majority of rent…
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Our main move this season seems to be spread it out wide, find the full back on the overlap, cross it in or cut it…
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RT @BethFratesMD: Don't get distracted by silly to-dos when you have a large project due. Focus on the most important deadline and ge…
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#meat (@ Dicke Wutz in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen)
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RT @_YogendraYadav: 4 things BJP's lie factory conceals: 1. Allegation by @amitmalviya to which I responded:in 2014 election I used Mu…
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Dah sebulan tak jumpa. Hari tu masa tidur rumah cik oni bukan main melekat dengan cik oni je huda ni.
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RT @DoorRahooo: Kissi Twitter family main nhi hun. Can you feel me😭😭
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@cartilheiromor os post dele tinham a localização de Frankfurt main 😋
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RT @martinmacmahon: Three sail waits at Tsawwassen terminal for main Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay route this Easter wknd. I’m speaking w/ driv…
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@ThisInspiresUs @BretBaier It's not so much as negativity of the world as it is the negativity of the swamp and main stream media.
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"Main Character deals with unexpected situation. Tonight on Grey's Anatomy" - what is new about that? #isthatshowreallystillon
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RT @NBCNewsTHINK: Sarah Sanders isn’t Trump's White House press secretary — she is America’s main minister of propaganda, writes…
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