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RT @CatherinePaiz: Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing father in the world... Thank you for loving our daughters the way you do, an…
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid names every Trump-loving evangelical leader who refused to take her call on Trump’s ‘chosen one’ c…
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RT @X1SY_0805: When wooseok said Flash, X1 Ot11 forms and had their sexy dance showing their chest omg i’m loving this scene!!!!…
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@Shambles151 She is spot on but Tory loving channel won’t do that and they are part of the problem.
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RT @ROROSIE71: taeyong speaking english: thank you for watching my video, my vapp tiwaii vapp, and then thank you for loving my so…
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i love u biiiitch..i aint ever gonna stop loving you.....biiiitch
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@HeartEyes4Brady @MonsterKai12 OMG I’m loving the hat RK!! Holy sexy! 👍😀
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RT @EverythingJAPS: We miss seeing @MyJaps during the opening number!!! We are loving tonight's episode already! #Studio7GameOn
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RT @wxldflwrr: Someone just said “I might become a lesbian” & I am so tired of people thinking that loving & building with a woman…
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RT @nobz_nolife: 29年前のセトリ!友達が教えてくれた😲 えー興味本位でB・U・M聞きたい! Loving All Nightは言わずもがな憧れ(*´д`*)♡ でも1番聞きたいのは「ギターは泣いている」
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RT @WalterBlack12: The results... ish i'm loving mysefl today 😭😭🥰🥰🙈🙈❤❤
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RT @Cory__1077: This is a moment of “pure love” Tucking his human in for the night Dogs are the most loving and best friends we h…
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@OmasoroO Good old gun loving Americans
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Rest in peace dad. I know you had your demons and god only knows how many times i tried to save you. Underneath you…
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RT @BTSVotingFam: ✨ APPRECIATION TWEET ✨ ARMYs if you see this on your timeline i wanna tell all of you that you are loved and appre…
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RT @trvpism: i applaud people who have been through hell but are still kind & loving towards other humans. i hope the universe r…
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RT @RawStory: MSNBC’s Joy Reid names every Trump-loving evangelical leader who refused to take her call on Trump’s ‘chosen one’ c…
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RT @19920921_21: 세상에 김씨성의 천사예요
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RT @SheBleeds: @C_Stroop After despising anyone claiming Christianity for quite a while during deconstruction, the only way I coul…
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RT @Kimbraov1: Good Morning, Dear Friends🌸Happy Saturday🙏🏻🕊 Happy Caturday, Dear Feline Loving Friends😺
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