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I simply do not know why people are saying #CASE143 doesn't sound like SKZ. It sounds incredibly like them to me. E…
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@heavenlyf33t im not gay, but if you whispered into my ear i think id be in love.
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Vale needs to quit im not gonna listen to a girl from maryland she thunk she know me Im gonna put glue on her and s…
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@MikeDoocyFox4 @thefreakdallas The ticket criticism consists of “too much politics” or “not enough sports” and I do…
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@CocoChewy1 One more example. Not making it up, there's a nearby town named Pound. So, this bar also has t-shirts "I love Pound n Beaver".
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RT @MsMJVotesBlue: Matlacha Rebok's are what we call those in Lee County. I love Matlacha. I live in Lee County. This area is devasta…
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Somebody walked up on me at the park and said damn do you ever take a break from DJ’n 😂…not at all, I love what I do
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I couldn’t live in Houston but I’m loving the chilled but not sleepy energy I’m working but I’m not stressed Idk…
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@CNN Kim is the only person who has said “I love you” without some kind of payoff. I’m not surprised.
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RT @wonblvd: we as society must acknowledge that jeonghan’s birthday is not complete without mentioning his love for to you
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@JaseVanM I need to play it tbh, I am skeptical with some of their choices but hopeful because I love overwatch. I…
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oh he oh i’m Not Okay i will never be okay again he’s ethereal he’s beautiful i’m in love w him just
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RT @itgirlenergy: I love fashion too much to not somehow magically end up wealthy I fear
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RT @wonblvd: we as society must acknowledge that jeonghan’s birthday is not complete without mentioning his love for to you
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RT @CritterCampsite: I think im not getting accepted to cons partially because my acc looks new and I only have 206 followers. Anyone wi…
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RT @VassulaRyden: All your labor in love will not go in vain with the Lord. You can read this Message in this link:…
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RT @gemctzen: I wanted to post my lil mcnd collection because I'm cleaning and it makes me happy (this is NOT me bragging, I'm ju…
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RT @brightminjiu: Making excuses for DCC in this case is not it. I love deukae, and DCC does many things well. But promotion and mark…
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Biden in a $100,000 car that gets 11mpg is not a good look. I love cars. I like that 'Vette. I have a car that get…
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I love how in JJBA, they constantly subvert expectations and show that its the user, not the ability, that makes a…
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