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RT @TXT_members: Thank you for coming to the Dallas Showcase today❣️ I got a lot of energy today. 오늘 Dallas 쇼케이스에 와주신 우리 팬분들 너무 감사합…
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RT @Fact: A lot of problems in the world would disappear if we talked to each other instead of talking about each other.
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@EZWayCure PPP supporters are usually old timer thus sensible and prudent! However, PMLN and especially PTI support…
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RT @jacksonstardust: so this is what they meant when they said the choreo has a lot of parts where they connect and unite #갓세븐_이클립스_6시공개…
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RT @keveeyes: Interesting, @Swamy39 is in London; he had discussions with several British leaders including @BobBlackman. Indian…
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|| replies later, I’m trying to research starting my own business... it’s a lot
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RT @stayspedia: “we making our music and because a lot of think that we hear from stay.. you guys my inspiration and you guys save…
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@AnthonyFondale @McDonalds Sending a lot of love your way xxx
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RT @ASUSoftball: A whole lot of #dancing 💃
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RT @justdarell: yo women actually go to work and school with cramps and shit. They can be in a lot of pain but still act normal thr…
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@ScotTories You lot are hilarious, you’re so desperate for anything, anything to give you a few votes on Thursday y…
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RT @daisy_haggard: This eve the last #BackToLife will be on @BBCOne at 10.35pm. Loads of you beauties have already binged the lot on…
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RT @shaunking: A lot of lies, particularly from @JoeBiden, are being told about the 1994 Crime Bill. He was the primary author of…
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@jupiterjjuni march 17 you re a really sweet person, we dont talk a lot but i love you and everytime u go through…
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Committing to two-a-days seemed a hell of a lot easier when it wasn’t 5am on a Monday.
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@graym00nemoji i thought you were gonna say “am gay” but i like “love felicity” a lot better
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Gazeto żydowska-stosownie do nazwy użytej przez B.Engelking-dlaczego nie nagłośnisz sprawy działania Tusków-ojca i…
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RT @Suewilson91: We are going to be hearing a lot more about No-Deal over the coming weeks. Take no notice! It's as much an empty…
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@Vic_Rollison @ItsBouquet @TomRichardson It says a lot about him. Move along. Nobody likes a bully.
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