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RT @FactsOfSchool: College is basically seeing how long you can go without going to the grocery store
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RT @piel_GK: Long pass long pass padake kasti, mumpung liga durung mulai yo dikritik sik membangun, nik wis mulai liga yo isone…
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ykno it sucks when your ex that you literally had such a long history with comes up to you and asks if you can hook…
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we may not have known yeonjun, soobin, beomgyu, taehyun, and hueningkai for very long but it sure feels like we’ve…
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We got a long way to go! But aye I’m with the cause!
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@darrenrovell Best part of Jazz J story, using local Long Island caddie. #PGAChamp
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That tolerate does not as simply as taking the chicken and put it on the warm rice. There is a wall in each beliefs…
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@HelpRefugees @SayItLoudClub It's unbearable, No family can hold on all these years, No refugees waited all this ti…
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I don't know what's wrong with me, but eating cinnamon buns results in a two week long hangover where my bones acti…
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RT @ChiomaNg_: I prefer long distance relationship with my parents
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RT @CrashJes: I'm a long way from 5'000 303 to be exact. was wondering if anyone would help a snarky trans star trek freak surfer to try to get closer?
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RT @2015ArthurM: This is a sad development...! Intervention is long overdue 🙆 #AfricansStandWithYemen
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When I see halwa being distrubed in Masjid during Shab-e-Qadr after praying 20 long taraweeh:
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@jemiisfedup Long neck is a legend of the white community
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RT @__james25: Chick-fil-A the only restaurant where a long line doesn’t intimidate me at all💀
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RT @mehdirhasan: For the record, Al Jazeera deleted & disowned the video, called it offensive, & are disciplining the 2 journalists…
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@Dangchick1 @kstreet111 And there’s the problem.. I don’t see unity .. and as long as we are not united we are fucked
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@Bravewriting Something something waiting too long for impeachment.
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RT @hardheadken: Long Live Shelvin💔 #NLMB #forever3
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@rebxrnhxpev2 it took me a very wry long time to understand that I don't get my dysphoria or when I found out I was trans that unlike+
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