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@MoragMule It's a privilege to live here. I never get over it, even after living here most of my life.
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RT @NysNotNice: the French are violently protesting the cost of living and the US isn’t reporting on it, why? because it would insp…
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I used to think it was weird when older people wouldn’t stop living in the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s etc. But now here I am…
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@JoanTarda @Esquerra_ERC Oriol Pujol también va, no? Para eso lo habeis sacado de la carcel, para que pueda ilustra…
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@MattMillburn @token23487027 @robwallyworld @KatTimpf Honestly.. does it get tiring living on a foundation of shifting sands? Move on.
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RT @unwhcretunately: u ever just realize ur internet friends are actually real ppl and exist in the world as humans and aren't just souls living inside ur phone
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bahataar hoore bhi to chahiye hoga na ! wecant compromise our sistersand mothersfor that . so peace living hindu an…
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@CooperMasta @ThyRealGeorgez what is your problem are you living in Kenya or do you want to live in Kenya don't you see our leaders alone
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RT @oxminaox: Pregnancy is so cool man. I really have a piece of the person I love with everything with me 24/7. We made a whole…
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You know where I’ll be living weekend 1 🙌🏼🙌🏼
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RT @henryshield: @Papadonkee @uchesame Members of that Committee are even having tea in my living room as the voting continues
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Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make Life.
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RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Don’t pity Theresa May. She’s the worst prime minister in living memory.
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﹙ᴄ.﹚ for even though she had trained for it, living for quite some period of time in unbearable heat would not be…
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With #Shadowbringers and the Dwarves comes this BGM... If not I will be playing this BGM anyway! Whilst exploring…
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RT @BernieSanders: Justice means ending the absurdity of: - CEOs making over 300 times as much as their average workers - 20 percent…
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Hero, lol, what world is she living in? Still trying to push that bs. 😂
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RT @BernieSanders: For every one billionaire in America there are about 70,000 people living in poverty. I don't think it's a radical…
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23*DLNA*Digital Living Network Alliance. 24*RAM*Random Access Memory. 25*ROM*Read only memory. 26*VGA*Video Grap…
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