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RT @AndrewStoneman: 48% of the population are not “nervous” about Brexit Mr Hunt. We are f^cking furious that you plan to take our rig…
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RT @Shamindan1: We are living under an extremely tough environment. Men are severely depressed, this constant state not knowing & f…
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RT @javi_draws: You sound really ignorant when you act like people living in Asia don't know or care about colourism when it affect…
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RT @GapToothedGuy: "O jewa keng" tweet is changing lives...😥👏🏼🙌🏽
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RT @OT7FORYA: everyday i think about how im not the biggest fan of namjoon bc of this 21 y/o boy named jk, he literally lives y/n…
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Through a real demanding marketplace for promoting recommendations and also items nowadays, there are special metho…
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last september I went to jakarta to meet a friend who lives in japan who spent her holiday in jogja and went to a cosplay event in jakarta
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RT @balloon_wanted: "Celebrities can't just live their lives, we also have to manage our private lives carefully, [celebrities] suffer…
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RT @SadiqKhan: The young people of London are amazing. We need you to know how important you are, that your lives matter & that…
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RT @holy_schnitt: it is so fucking sad when you meet somebody beautiful but they’ve been beautiful their entire lives so they never h…
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RT @yachnainsa4: #NurtureTheBirds @derasachasauda @Gurmeetramrahim Due to their efforts, many lives of birds have been saved.but…
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@Channel4 Really think they should have used the '15 to 1' podiums with the 3 lives lights on.
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RT @turkialkhalifa6: All my friends ask me why I stay strong, tell 'em when you find true love it lives on.
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#nature_of_our_world Every Man Dies. Not Every Man Lives. William Wallace
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@TheDubaiStars @MyDowntownDubai I nominated EXO from SKorea in the site They are making his…
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@taekook_lives If I'm ur mom...I'll most probably clear a space for you in the store clearly do not need…
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RT @QasimRashid: It gets worse The arresting cops: •Turned off their dash cams & body cams •Lied in their reports & omitted their t…
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RT @BoombuzzKE: COMPETITION: Celebrating the amazing men in our lives this Father's Day! #BoomDaddies
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RT @BBCWales: This is incredible 😭 Technology changes lives.
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RT @TamadonSara: @BritFranke once again she lives up to the brand folks
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