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RT @Rachel_Hoopsick: Third semester as faculty @UofIllinois. Every single in-person class I’ve taught has been masked because public hea…
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RT @Phyllis94584953: I cannot believe two years ago our lives were so good except Covid but financially compared to now. Most people ha…
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RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Louis CK is playing sold-out shows, Donald Trump is running for president again, and Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supr…
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RT @OyesileJohn: Kano doesn't get 13% oil derivative, Lag, Kad, and Borno don't, but these are the states commissioning landmark pro…
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RT @LilithLovett: Twitter when a rich YouTuber actually uses his money for good and changes people’s lives immeasurably: 😡😡😡😡😡
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RT @nggakoo: megtan literally saved lives
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@BullVinnie Vinnie, you and your family are very kind.♥️
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RT @DailylofV: #Taehyung’s Lives are ❤️‍🩹
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RT @TomLondon6: I’m a Jew My grandfather knew Theodor Herzl & was an early, ardent Zionist Israel is now a vicious apartheid Stat…
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Sorry about destroying millions of lives 😐
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RT @NENC_NHS: It’s Time to Talk Day on Thursday 2 February 2023: a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to…
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@Caperloo5 @KingPin_O1 @NEWSMAX @ShaunKraisman @EmmaRechenberg It clearly wasn't a simple traffic stop when there a…
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RT @PeteSouza: “Dr. Fauci, thank you for your service to our country and saving lives. When did you first learn that…
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RT @krissibarks: @treb647 @Ceraphyte You when gay people have normal happy lives like “regular” hetero people
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Y’all care too much about celebrity lives & it’s weird
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@EaglesStrictly They live in pure agony while Eagles fans live in pure ecstasy Cowboys fans’ lives are a perpetua…
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RT @abbigaga: forever and ever and ever u have changed our lives sophie. we miss you
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RT @GoodPoliticGuy: This is such a depressing reminder of how easy it would be to fix major issues in peoples lives if we just had univ…
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RT @raphousetv2: YouTuber Mr Beast Cures 1000 Blind People Paying for their Surgery Enabling Them to see for the Very First Time of…
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RT @MayorofLondon: I took the difficult decision to expand the ULEZ because it will save lives. More than four out of five vehicles…
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