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RT @SM18_squad: I can never comprehend the fact that MS Dhoni has so many haters in India itself. He’s literally your greatest skip…
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RT @ihythreat: atheists are so boring like you literally don’t believe in nothing😭just walking around like sims
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@geoc4ke Literally got me like
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literally like stop w ur delulu ass nd put the goddamn mask on!!!!
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@MForstater @scouts Kids see evidence of straight people existing literally all the time. We are a queer family (tw…
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Sometimes you just need a good cry at 2:45 in the morning for literally no other reason than being an emotional ass…
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this literally makes me cry
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@saniyajhane @Deja03334645 wait you literally see the marks on my forehead..
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@SkySportsNews I literally thought these two were cool. Why is Tsitsipas crying? The match went to 4 sets. With a t…
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RT @LauraAmalasunta: All I am is a woman born with a rare condition that made my body look male until I fixed it with hormone replacemen…
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RT @ksmcafes: They literally put these up for the safety of everyone . Hope future concert-goers do realize the importance of wea…
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RT @melyhotstuff: Makcik ni bagus sebab dia takyah bersaing dengan penjual nasi lemak lain. Target market dia literally untuk org yg…
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how can a person be as hot as finn wolfhard? he’s literally so hot
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RT @sheserotica: Beyoncé was literally born to be famous because who just has a name like that
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i literally got the chills 🥹🥹 so proud of my region 🇸🇦
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RT @frantruth: Islamic nations like Turkey do not want any Islamic refugees. Instead, they build huge Trump walls to keep the migr…
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RT @tays_chick: U dont understand just how it pains me that we have THE best storyline, THE best cast, we just got unlucky w the ne…
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RT @Me_Ghanii: illu poyindhi.. intlo manishi poyaaru.. literally road meedhaku thechaaru family ni.. Em saadhisthaav ra @ysjagan
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@Bashtian_TW I find it weird. The last few patches literally had rep grinds build in for sockets,the unity legendar…
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