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RT @anavarroo98: My life would be perfect if oomf was next to me
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RT @mongrelitta: I’m never worried about another bitch like if a dude wanna leave me then he can go right the fuck ahead cuz for sta…
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RT @holy_schnitt: im so sorry to all the girls i’ve judged in my life for being “crazy”, turns out all it takes is one asshole to tak…
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Life's Simple, you make choices and you don't look back.
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I just finishes On My Block and the way it ended ruined my entire life bro. I’m PISSSEDDDD
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RT @lil_mack777: 💜🔥Another vibrant single🔥💜 #np #newmusic #hiphop #depression #music #rap #soundcloud
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RT @iswish_store: It's Skin ออกลิปเครยอนเนื้อแมทมาใหม่ LIFE COLOR LIP CRUSH OVER-EDGE สีสวยมากกกกก ละลาย สีแนวแดงกล่ำๆ ตุ่นๆ เนื้อประ…
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RT @meganssanders: kinda sad, kinda living my best life
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Your ability to see life from a wider perspective is normally ... More for Sagittarius
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RT @BurltonEllen: زوج البنت ناكها هي و امها.. مكوة نهود قحبه اثاره افلام_سكس hot كلبه شفشفه تفريش A98R
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RT @MJMcKean: The Circle of Life!
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RT @AnneZ1: Know dis, deese demons can't harm yah unless yah invite em en. Are yah watching TV part-time? Are yah still eating…
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Your ability to see life from a wider perspective is normally ... More for Sagittarius
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RT @PRATEEKNRI: Tu meri khurapat ki sathi😂 Na jane kb or kaise dost bne😍 Lekin dost bde ajeej bne 🤗 Teri life me sari khusiyan aye😚…
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RT @rachellemaust: I’m at that point in life where we either gonna grow together or outgrow each other
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RT @oceanviibess: Wish it was summer and I was sitting outside in the warm breeze with my friends laughing and talking about life
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RT @dyamond_aireyel: i’ve been stressing a little but i’m glowing, life’s not bad, everything’s slowly falling into place, it’s almost s…
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What a feast 😋! Eat well - Think Positive 😊😍! New Life - New You ! Dream Big, eat well, get…
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RT @ahmedtwinkiee: Divorce is SO SCARY. I pray to God that the person I marry, I am happy & absolutely in love with for the rest of my life.
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I got baby fever for the first time in my damn life when this cute ass baby wouldn’t stop smiling at me yesterday. Not okay @ uterus!
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