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RT @DunsinOyekan: One of the lessons the LORD taught me early in ministry is to never go on a stage without HIS message.. This song…
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RT @otmdaysha: Even tho I found out the hard way I’m still grateful for the lessons ⚔️
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RT @whoreganizer: sincerely can’t overstate how urgent it is to learn from and fund grassroots sex worker organizers. many are on the…
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Top3 Lessons I Learned To Become a Software Engineer THREAD 👇🏿 #BlackTechTwitter #100Devs
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RT @breathMessi21: This one goal can give thousands of lessons to PSG about how to play as a team.
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@MikeWiseguy @peterframpton both Andy and his brother were in lessons at the school at the time of the shooting
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30 years ago, Waco TX seemed like a short-lived news story - important, with lessons to be learned. But the staying…
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Understanding the Book of Genesis #12 'Summary and Lessons learned' via @YouTube
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@kscaaron Children should have age appropriate sex ed. What exactly is taught obviously depends on the ages of the…
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Upgrade your music knowledge with professionals. Enroll now on private lessons.
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RT @ChrisO_wiki: 1/ CONQUERING CRIMEA: PART 1 Since 2014, Crimea has been under Russian control. Ukraine, naturally, wants it back.…
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RT @SpudBenBean: No watercolour tutorial today, so I'm off on another folly. With all the bird lessons we've had recently I thought…
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RT @minds_eminent: 13 BRUTAL LIFE LESSONS
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@MarchandSurgery That goes for many situations mainly the current dangerous state of this country. Trump, @repMTG,…
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RT @TheCoachJournal: 5 Leadership Lessons for All Athletes: 1. The end of your comfort zone is where your leadership begins. 2. The mo…
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@ronenbergman @jaketapper @YediotAhronot Netanyahu is getting his lessons from Putin & trump , the people of Israel…
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RT @ASmolNoko: Fun fact: the 3ds Title Swapdoodle had $3 drawing lessons for Zelda, Splatoon, and Mario that is now lost to time.…
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RT @AnkitaBnsl: Instilling strong values starts at home! The ideal resource to achieve this is the storybook "Life Lessons for Ch…
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RT @breathMessi21: This one goal can give thousands of lessons to PSG about how to play as a team.
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