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RT @darth: paul ryan consoling himself for his devastating health care plan loss by making it legal to shoot hibernating bears… No...
RT @thehill: Trump attempts to stop lawsuit from former Apprentice contestant, says he can't be sued while in office…
@winter_ribeiro @isabriao @Joaninhababyyy e o legal é que parece que oq eu sou ali tem barba, que show isadora
Make America what? Support lynching again? #Amerikkka #nowallnoban
RT @pearxxl: 7. tatiane quebra barraco, legal
Canada to legalise recreational marijuana by 2018 #Trudeau #News #Law #Government
RT @IndivisibleTeam: New Resource Roundup! Legal Resources
Le tribunal de Bruxelles a tranché: Albert II n’est pas le père légal de Delphine Boëlet Hop elle l'a dans le cul…
If we believe an act is good merely because it is legal, we have forgotten that laws cannot change an immoral act into a moral one. #culture
@PhillyMayor Legal or ILLEGAL? You liberal filth like to leave out that distinction (conveniently and by design).
RT @jenxhawkins: What a shock. Big Pharma making synthetic marijuana approved by the EPA and funding anti-legal marijuana bills.
RT @h_dups: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN, throwback to this legendary wayhome video hope today's wonderful!! Enjoy the legal life🎉…
@FuriousFossa @GlobalistGulag already has shown to be in countries where it is legal.
Eu não estou legal, e esse tempo não favorece pra ir na faculdade hoje
RT @knightkleinerm1: Windsor-Essex businesses and health unit prepared for legal pot -
RT @DizzyDolly186: Even legal EXPERTS blast the "prize's" press conference. EVERYONE entitled to a fair trial #MakingAMurderer
@Impeach_D_Trump I'm betting it was legal, but the info they got from the surveillance is what is causing the panic from @POTUS&@DevinNunes
RT @MCRDDANH: Se desliguem da vida dos outros, de fofocas, intrigas.. Se preocupem em fazer alguem feliz! Nao é legal sentir prazer vendo o outro sofrer..