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@marieglavin3 @donwinslow @SenSchumer Ban them? Who will go door to door to collect them? When this is your positio…
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RT @GitaShlokas: "Attempts to satisfy the self by satisfying the senses lead only to frustration." 💛
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RT @AGabriel5782: #NotMovingOn Until they’re Gone! #JohnsonOut123 trend this biatch til he gets the message! He’s Prime Minister of N…
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RT @CollierForTexas: For 35 minutes, a teacher sat in the middle of her classroom, holding onto crying students as she gave them strengt…
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RT @GeorgeC77556651: #BorisJohnsonMustResign himself to another fact! ...and that is he'll be going on to lead our great country for man…
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RT @edensongs: The skies are black with lead-filled rain A morbid painting on display This is the night the young love died Buried…
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@KatieScribaPR Great approach to flexible working. I thought many people would follow your lead after the last coup…
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RT @svt13_hd__: [MusicBank Interview Cam] 세븐틴 (SEVENTEEN Interview)l MusicBank KBS 220527 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴
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RT @FreshResists: #AmerieJoGarza was shot and killed in #Uvalde. She was dialing 911 when she was murdered with an AR15. Her last sec…
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@KattyKay_ They are wild boars. They usually roam in packs and can ruin crops. The best way to eliminate them is to…
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SEIZED G-WAGON LEADS MAN TO WESKOPPIES! #man #leads #lead #wagon #leadman #gwagon
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Titans can even lead 246-0 at halfime team and this lead wont be safe. #NRLBroncosTitans
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RT @EthanBearman: NEW: Larry Gatlin in addition to Larry Stewart of Restless Heart announced they will be following Don McLean’s lead…
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RT @h00taru2: Can’t wait to listen to #YetToCome the lead single in the upcoming #BTS   anthology album - #BTS_Proof   coming out on June 10th! @BTS_twt!
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RT @Quicktake: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gets a standing ovation when discussing how New Zealand passed laws to ban “military-…
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@1RachaelStorm Wait!God is everywhere! He never leaves or forsakes; & anyone can pray in school - they just can’t l…
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Will the police wait 60 minutes before taking guns? That's good lead time.
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@khim_nam วางแท็กกันค่ะอย่าให้เงียบ Can’t wait to listen to #YetToCome the lead single in the upcoming #BTS anthol…
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@moa_armyFR Yes and we have vip, as we should. Best romance, lead actor and supporting actor awards are coming home 🥂
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