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RT @BrianKarem: Mr. President @realDonaldTrump. My question for you today as you disembark Marine One: If Rex Tillerson is as "dumb…
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My day started at 2am when the dog had to go outside then I laid with her so she wouldn’t be restless, got maybe 2…
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His parents and education system have been a failure or he is simply too lazy to research anything he speaks about.
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@TeriatTheSpec I 100% think its buyer beware. Lazy. Generates 0 on his own. No 5 on 5 production. Nice shot on the PP is all he is.
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The #Bills should relieve Clay of his jersey at halftime, and kick his worthless lazy ass in the general direction of Kelvin. #busts
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@BorisJohnson Since when did u ever care about NI, u said to get rid of NI when this whole topic arose... U cant m…
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RT @AdamSchiff: The president says his handpicked former Secretary of State was “lazy as hell” and “dumb as a rock.” What does tha…
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RT @abbytarangoxox: sundays are for being lazy and watching footballll
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RT @delreyxmafia: fan: can i get a kiss on my cheek?" Lana : you kiss me, i'm lazy bye 😂
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@BlackSocialists These lazy welfare qeens just want free stuff. Why are you so obsessed with race? Did you know D…
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@hajaqen następnym razem poczekam z czytaniem, jak się zobaczymy xD
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Typing up my speech on the Word app cause I’m too lazy to get on my laptop
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My art went from embarrassingly edge to, tiddy slut, to "im too lazy to draw anything other than a portrait atm"
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RT @LCNM99: Could be he has a SS agent carrying his lazy ass?!
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I was lazy didn’t go do my nails now they all broke 😒
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Found Jo and @alongcameaspydr sharing a blanket and cuddling while watching Pj Masks. Lazy Sunday! 👌🏼
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RT @MartyBent: Joke: Bitcoin is the biggest carbon user in the world. Woke: Bitcoin will usher in the renewable energy renaissan…
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Need to cook my lunches but feeling so lazy
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RT @sapinker: In another brilliant post, Jerry Coyne dismantles the lazy cliche that atheism is just another religion (while expr…
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