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oh wow you actually tried to do something today? well sorry sweaty but i got up at 7 to go to WORK and i only got o…
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RT @funder: .@LindseyGrahamSC-Get off your lazy keister and do something to #ProtectMueller. Trump shouldn’t have the opportuni…
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@9_Moley @TheParraEels What’s the issue with Napa? Homesick? Just lazy?
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RT @YonkouProd: I don't understand how people can call animators lazy when they are working insane hours and producing some great e…
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RT @Monique_Sonya: @psycho4ensics1 @fupan26 @WitchyGal1963 @JPaqui37 @CarolLeonnig Go find it your damn self. I swear Trump supporter…
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RT @DwayneTheBaller: The Black Order watching Thanos beat the brakes off The Avengers:
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RT @LarrySchweikart: @ByronYork How abput: "Cankles did not lose the election. Donald Trump beat her sick, lazy old ass"?
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@Pikaclicks Dragonball z, high school dxd, beyblade (meh) and maybe angle beats. Idk xd to lazy to think of more
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RT @sharpular: Roses are red Violets are violet Our love is so dead If I call I butt dialed it
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@ my friend for making my story that I’m too lazy to write’s ship coming true
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RT @suama13: 声優さんに下ネタを叫ばせてるけどゲストをなくして被害者を最小限に控えているのがおそ松さんで 若手から超大御所様までとめどなく汚染を拡大させているけど取り返しのつかない下ネタは使わないのがポプテピピックで 10年かけて若手から大御所様まで取り返しのつかない下ネタ叫ばせて来たのが銀魂
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RT @NinaComplains: @CamNCheese__ @stoneebalonee that’s her full version if anyone’s too lazy to look it up
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If someone popular speaks out against something we conform our ideas to fit their opinions because we’re too lazy t…
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RT @TheRealJonAdams: @spaymsm Here’s a song for you… Drunken Lazy Bastard by The Mahones
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RT @hiranedge: I don’t see how you can just be flat out lazy. Will never understand 🧐
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RT @ColtsFnSnceBert: For everyone who believes the lazy narrative that Ebron “can’t catch”.
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lazy twitter: your favorite usable Apple Watch apps that aren’t gimmicky limited shit versions of and/or dependent on the iPhone app?
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#StarWars rankings according to how often I watch (i.e. lazy day, throw something in the player). 9 Star Wars 8…
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