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My TL been hitting the nail on the head with these tweets lately😭😂
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@JustFreshKicks Man, might have to grab those white joints. NB low key got some some heat lately. If my Ls keep con…
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@AnthonyDiComo I wasn't totally sure considering some of the moves they made lately
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Thanks for everyone that came by the stream today. My wifi has been very spotty lately so I didn't know my stream w…
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@SmashleyTwitch @tobiigaming @RobertsSpaceInd Lately I've been pitching down into the last turn. Rolling loses a bi…
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RT @sunnyirry: sorry for the lack of drawings been feeling a little burn out lately but anyway this scene from the promo >>>>> #toh
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I’ve been having a lot of banger conversations with people lately and I literally ask them to repeat themselves as…
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Have you bought new music lately?
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@brollbenny I butchered the quote. It's: "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" I've been on a Monty Python kick lately.😬
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RT @jamiuSZN: The disrespect on this app been getting too much lately ,,yall address me as Senior man Jamiu henceforth 😌
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RT @MatthewJWelty: A lot of talk about suede adidas lately. These are some of the best of the bunch.
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Haven't tweeted anything while reading lately but I'm close to reaching chapter 30 in the #arc4 wn Some progress at…
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These #MarchMadness have been fuego! Love all the fresh faces and new programs that are making deep runs! I don’t c…
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RT @i_am_tonys_stuf: been playin a lot of super mario 3d world lately and thought to myself, why not draw some awesome people in the 3d…
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RT @c_cgottlieb: @rawsalerts So many of these incidents lately. Is sabotage a possibility? With more and more people from enemy nati…
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I haven't been doing hair edits lately, but for those who're curious I did a bunch more back in the day. 👍✨️
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@TristanUda Sorry, you can't become a blue blood. They could beat the blue bloods or become a better current progra…
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Lately the smell of peanut butter just makes me so nauseous 😩😩😩 how are people eating that
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RT @sunnyirry: sorry for the lack of drawings been feeling a little burn out lately but anyway this scene from the promo >>>>> #toh
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RT @TheArtfulDeejay: We feel for Aunt Anne, distraught because her beloved niece is off on another long trip across the water. Aunt Anne…
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