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Made the mistake of waking up late and not packing my lunch for work... Now I gotta survive on tesco meal deals ti…
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RT @MZakharova2: A war criminal Clinton Remember there is a time people believe in this propaganda and you still believe in what th…
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A mix of sun and cloud. chance of showers with risk of a thunderstorm late this afternoon Hazy conditions from wi…
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@SimonElliott20 Didyma ? 😍 It's the site that my parents took me to in the late 90s that inspired my love of all things ancient !
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RT @GreatSciShare: #GSSfS2023 is just around the corner! Whether you’re celebrating on the 13 June or at another time, it’s never too…
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@DavidSacks @RemindMe_OfThis remind me in 4 months. It would be interesting to read this "analisis" in late fall.
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RT @daddyhope: The late Dr Edison Zvobgo would have been jailed for saying this if Mnangagwa was the President in 1979. Guess who…
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RT @saintdemie: red carpet looks of angelina jolie in the late 90s and early 00s ☆
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@HappyBuddha99 @Azuki @BEANZOfficial @OthersideMeta @BoredApeYC Never really late for Samurai. TBH
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RT @Sincerely_AO: I’m a firm believer that it is better to marry late than to marry wrong.
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RT @rhnzvrgr: Friday (late): Game 5 for @metabrc's WLs What is the thing you're most grateful for? Will be picking winners within the next 24h.
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RT @patrickbetdavid: Remember the 3 things we were not supposed to discuss in business? God Politics Sex Now all ESG + DEI is inter…
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RT @JokerOutBand: Zagreb Tvornica Kulture #2 - The demand for the Zagreb show is through the roof so we added another show ❤️ The tic…
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RT @Azlan_2345: He plots tactically to the general benefits of the Yoruba race. Whether you like him or not, this man ha assumed th…
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RT @jashkalensantos: Hala gagi may entry na pala sya?? hahaha late na ako!! ngayon ko lang nakita!! eto yung sumikat gawa ng transition…
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RT @levelanix: Aaravos, the fallen Startouch Elf from The Dragon Prince ^_^ I've always wanted to try a DTIYS. Then I saw my fave…
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RT @echoandthebussy: every pulp song: *grooviest synth intro you’d ever hear* I stared at her from her bedroom window ohhhh *heavy brea…
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@stratodoc22 @kiberen56 Never too late 👍❤️
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@of_hurts @hello_late @TimesofIsrael I wonder if you live in Israel or not. Anyhow, you’re a disgusting racist, inhuman liar.
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@Moviddy I don't know Síle. Nature is very rare nowadays. Hate to kill the mood, I really think it's too late for…
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