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RT @beinlibertarian: @realDonaldTrump Send your kids for this war.
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RT @SKJ1SUNG: started from stray kids the bottom are now here
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RT @TJay1k: These lil bad ass kids on da Westside done stole a school bus on da last day of school 😂😂😩🤦🏾‍♂️. Only in Atlanta br…
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RT @desirewithluv: NEW ACCOUNT SEARCHING FOR MUTUALS! RT LIKE IF YOU STAN (I’ll follow you mfb) • Ateez • BTS • NCT (all units)…
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RT @SIRJISUNG: UNVEIL TOUR IS OFFICIALLY ENDED. THANK YOU STRAY KIDS AND STAY 19019 - Bangkok 190126 - Jakarta 190221 - Melbourne…
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@KpopAnanas 1. bonamana by suju 2. 2011 I think..? 3. stay by blackpink (2017.. 6 years later :O) 4. monsta x and s…
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One thing I'm taking away from this morning's bus ride to work is how brutal nursery and primary school mums are t…
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RT @h3h3productions: Jake Paul: We need to discuss cyber-bullying Also Jake Paul: Doxxes Post Malone whose house is later stuck up at…
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The (mostly) scratch built fleet my high school kids brought to their end of year HP launch.
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Devastating reality when Jax’s kids are my age.
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*sees a cute boy me: mom what do u think abt him mom: ik u wanna be married young & have kids by the time ur 23 s…
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If you could set one rule for the family that we all have to follow, what would that rule be? parenting Generate m…
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[Focus du mois] The Belgian Kids’ Fund for pediatric research, le Fonds Scientifique de l' Hôpital des Enfants - Ki…
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RT @RealPattyWap: Anti Vax kids before and after they get that vaccine #gameofthrones
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RT @ppippappu: 성년이 된걸 축하해💝🌹 190420 HI-STAY finale HQ #필릭스 #Felix #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #SKZ #스키즈 @Stray_Kids
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RT @SenJeffMerkley: As America sits down one last time to watch power-hungry leaders use innocent lives as pawns in their political gam…
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RT @jimmykimmel: I chat with kids about the greatest mystery of all…love.
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RT @Jo_Earlsfield: It’s #WalkToSchoolWeek. So many parents already walk or cycle their kids to school. In-car pollution isn’t talked…
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RT @RedRegenerated: THEM: Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. ME: *trapped inside my kids little tikes car* Your inspirat…
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