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RT @USARenaissance: @sa55m55a @NikkiHaley @GeraldineKestn2 @realDonaldTrump Justice...that's all we are asking for. No more deep state…
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RT @robreiner: What we know: The President has committed federal crimes. He lied about business with Russia during the campaign. H…
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RT @ggreenwald: CNN's Justice Department reporter
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RT @kaitlancollins: Rep. David Cicilline says he thinks if the Mueller report exonerates President Trump, "everyone will accept that,"…
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RT @lsarsour: Another day. Another cop acquitted. Another Black family left grieving again. Even knowing that the system wasn’t s…
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RT @ANI: Associated Press: Special counsel Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation into Russian election interference…
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RT @TheChiIIum: Second, neither Kornblum nor Blumenthal registered with the Justice Department as foreign agents. The Justice Depar…
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RT @Prachigajbhiye1: We want justice #justiceforebiz
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RT @OmarSy: SANS JUSTICE, NOUS N’AURONS JAMAIS LA PAIX. Force & Soutien #AssaTraore @laveritepradama @gdelagasnerie
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RT @LeagueOfLegends: Darkness vs. light Mortal vs. Divine The two sisters born from Justice face off in battle. Who do you think woul…
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RT @D_Alex_connect: Mueller’s probe—by definition—represents ONE SIDE, the prosecutorial action, of our ADVERSARIAL system of justice.…
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RT @kpnewschannel: “I got the orders to Kill Pandit boys and there I started killing them” says #JKFL terrorist Bitta Karate in his co…
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RT @gurwindersahu16: We want justice #justiceforebiz #maibhichowkidaar @idsa @PMOIndia @rajnathsingh @ArvindKejriwal @ZeeNews
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RT @kylekylekyle555: I’ve never been more ashamed of our justice system
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RT @davidcicilline: The President’s own Justice Department has named him as an un-indicted co-conspirator in a scheme to commit massive campaign finance fraud.
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But not to bring Trump,Jr.,or Kushner to justice is wrong.
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RT @LydiaLFeng: “I am incredibly sorry the justice system has let the Bowraville families down.” - Attorney General @MarkSpeakman
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RT @trailblazerkou2: Telangana police don't disturb the legals of direct selling companies Please give justice to thousand of the youth…
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@jerrysaltz Trump is guilty of constant witness tampering, including threats against Cohen before he testified. He…
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