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El acto mas grande de amor que he tenido con Emma es empezar un maratón de Jurassic Park, si eso no es amor, neta no se que es.
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My expectations for phone ringtones is quite high thanks to Jurassic park. Apple put more work into the cameras and…
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@jeongdeacon Tú estás OBLIGADA a ver Jurassic World después del quiz JAJAJUGXKHCKGCKHC pero doctor strange está muy buena though
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I'm happy to welcome our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi to tamil Nadu which is older than Earth, Here in ta…
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Don’t Miss the Epic Jurassic World Dominion Dining Adventure at Universal Studios #sgparenting
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Interview: Colby Boothman - Jurassic World and Star Wars Battlefront - O... via @YouTube
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jurassic park lahir di south korea juga kali ya, lah itu marganya park 😂
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RT @JW_Evolution: We're celebrating Jurassic World Evolution 2 on @XboxGamePass by giving you a chance to WIN a @HyperX Cloud Alpha W…
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@DavidLe84257778 Me too! Excited for the Jurassic park coming out soon ☺️
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RT @GrahamB47: if we're gonna declare one of the jurassic park sequels a secret masterpiece, we could have at least have the decen…
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RT @bleedingcool: Here is our big Summer Box Office Preview, what do you think will be the biggest film of the Summer? #JurassicWorld…
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@Acyn Ted Cruz- there should be a moat with crocodiles around every school.. and those crocodiles will be trained b…
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RT @GutiDZN: The Jurassic skin concept of a mix between a survey skin and the 7 suits for the event :) #Fortnite #FortniteArt
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RT @BenMkWrites: Experience the epic conclusion of the Jurassic era. Follow us, RT + Reply w/ your city to enter to #win passes to a…
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Let me get lost in them amber pools girl ✨ tryna be like that skeeter in Jurassic Park
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RT @Chavariko23: Faltannn, faltan 7 días para ver Jurassic World Dominion 😄
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"The Feminist Evolution of Jurassic World: Dominion" Lol. Like anyone cares about this movie because girl power!!!
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Trolli is Giving Away a Dinosaur's Weight in Candy, Releases Limited-Edition Sour Tropical Dinos in Celebration of…
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RT @drpepper: This is the moment you’ve been hoarding your Pepper Perks points for. Exclusive Jurassic World Dominion prizes are…
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🎥🔞 Elon Musk, Bill Gates , Greta Thunberg all have plans to save the world the bad news is…
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