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RT @realTuckFrumper: 'You’ve failed us': Conservatives clobber Kevin McCarthy for cooperating with President Joe Biden
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RT @LifeNewsHQ: 66% of Americans Say Re-Electing Joe Biden Would be a “Disaster” or “Setback” for America
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RT @brutnaturefr: Les plantes aussi peuvent chanter. Avec son invention, Joe a appris à les écouter.
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RT @johnpavlovitz: I think Biden's doing an amazing job, but I don't have a flag with his name on it on the back of my car—because he'…
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Rishi Sunak VS Joe Biden boxing match, loser has to keep James Corden
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RT @TonemanLives: Let me get this straight. Ken Paxton is being Impeached, yet Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff,…
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$OAX Im stepping in it💸 Little risky, but highly potential🚀 Target and entry shared in group🎯…
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@Beebops1 We all saw it coming but he kept taking a big game like he was going to own Joe. Just calling him and the…
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@pauline_h17 it all started when mean sandrine met cr*ckhead joe
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@captainstevedav @Forbes I do because it shows the character of the man, or in this case lack of character. The chi…
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RT @whittler_e: TRUTH: President Joe Biden is far better than Donald Trump. Vice President Kamala Harris is more honest and compete…
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RT @KeithMalinak: @AP4Liberty I got suspended from Twitter for posting (without comment) a YouTube monatage of Joe Biden touching pre…
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RT @AmericanHubener: SIGN PETITION TO FJB! Let’s get 1 million sigs to remove Joe. #RECALLHOBBS
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@harambe_fren This fool thinks Joe got 80M+ votes in 2020...lmao.
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RT @brixwe: Reminder: Joe Biden was the creator of the 1994 Crime Bill that sent millions of blacks to prison for doing what hi…
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RT @laurenboebert: Our base didn’t volunteer, door knock and fight so hard to get us the majority for this kind of compromise deal wit…
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RT @BeachCity55: Prove what? Joe Biden’s daughter’s own words?? GFY!
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RT @NBA_COMMENT: The Podfather's father called Mazzulla 'second row Joe'. If Brad Stevens were doing what Mazzulla is, the Simmons…
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@johnpavlovitz And Joe Biden is picking up the torch and carried it on since then
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