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RT @spiritualboost1: 'asking God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give you spiritual wisdom and insight so that you mig…
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because lets be honest we are tougher on women than we are on men.. it goes back as far as Jesus' time.. where was…
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Accurate , I said drown Jesus first😴😴😴
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You are not accepted by God because you deserve to be, or because you have worked hard for him, but because Jesus died for you. 🌼🌼
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RT @CauseWereGuys: Jesus take the wheel
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@hoseokmademe Well Jesus saved me first, but Jhope saved me last, so where's the lie? I pretty much worship and pray for him daily. 😉
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RT @DearQueenA: i’m walking around smiling with a wet head trynna support everybody, but deep down inside i just want some wine and…
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RT @Kemmiiii: Lagos is mad, I tell you. I leave home at 6:59 and get to work in 35 minutes. Leave home at 7:01 and get to wor…
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Thank you for being part of our Contemporary Service. The God of all possibilities will go with you this week in Jesus Name. Amen.
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RT @staceydash: Twitter may need to #LearnToCode So tired of the shenanigans! Give em enough rope. God is shedding his light on al…
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀It is not the hair that saddens him. In the little time in this future, Jesus has realized that most think…
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RT @SevenShepherd: "He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved." ~Psalms 62:6 #Jesus #God #Bible
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RT @PeteGreig: More than a billion people will gather today to worship Jesus Christ, to learn from the Bible and to conspire for a…
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I am unstoppable ! Any wicked power in my household that has vowed to stop me , As i clap my hands ! Die in the name of Jesus. #Prayer
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RT @AnaisLK: Aujourd’hui ça fait 5 ans jour pour jour que j’ai fais le grand plongeon en me faisant baptiser d’eau 😍 Tous les j…
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stop retweeting that video of that old lady being beaten on the train jesus christ
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@citrarusso sok Jesus bgt gayanya 🙄 Liat story di IG jg mirip2 gayanya
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RT @DrJRobinson23: Shadrach. Meshach. Abednego. God didn’t put out the fire. He just placed Jesus in the furnace with them and they…
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RT @CauseWereGuys: Jesus take the wheel
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