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RT @aHumanEvolution: Mr Corbyn would, in Norway, be an unremarkably mainstream social-democrat. Yet in the UK a politician who makes sim…
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last means he can probably Jeremy Hellickson Jersey
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RT @mikefiedler: Looks like they captured one of @ben11kehoe 's babies. @jeremy_daly is very concerned! #AWSDeveloperInfluencer
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RT @WarmongerHodges: When Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and Donald Trump is the King of Israel, something has gone seriously wrong in t…
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@Jomboy_ I’ve always thought you sounded like Ron Jeremy when he is fore playing his women...uncanny really.
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RT @SeanOrleans: Jeremy Wyatt v. Nick Bockwinkel Gary Jay v. Hashimoto Sharkbait v. Volk Han Warhorse v. Bam Bam Gordy Besties in th…
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@samtheflow93 Une biere par but encaissé vous devriez etre saoul a la mi temps
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Moving on seems harder to do, when the one that you love moves faster than you🥺😭
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@jericgomezm @nacionaloficial @AsoDeporCali Son Ideas Mias O Nacional Esta Tomando La Mala Costumbre De Perder Los…
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End of another great day. Doors and windows finished Jeremy Roberts, HVAC work and Electrical design, layout and in…
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It's 4:41AM on Thursday, the 22nd of August 2019 in the UK. And Jeremy Corbyn is still an antisemite. Pass it on.
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@Renner4Real @SonyPictures @TheRealStanLee @Marvel Why do y’all hate Jeremy? :( I personally love him
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RT @XposeTrophyHunt: Jeremy Ruesink killed this silver fox in Alaska. He said that he thinks silver is the most beautiful fox colour, an…
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RT @marcuschown: On the evening of 25 July, I stood in Parliament Square and heard Jeremy Corbyn say: "We need a general election to #RejectBrexit."
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@Jeremy_Feist I really wanna see what bayonetta work you wanna get!
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RT @waushock: Remembering Jeremy Cross. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cross Family, his friends, and our entire Acro-Airs…
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I really need to finish stranger things 😓
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RT @POCX100: Labour Latest Jeremy Corbyn might back a confirmatory referendum whilst jumping up and down on a pogo stick singing wonderwall.
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