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RT @yourfriendSOMMI: ❤💛💚💙 Everyone in Crypto thinks they're Early Adopters. Truth is that they're in Late Majority Now. You are not g…
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RT @mattxiv: i can’t imagine seeing a disabled person just existing and being like, “you know what? i’m gonna mock them online.”…
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RT @biatchuu: if u heard someone screaming, it's me
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RT @PstTomowo: This is your Season of ANSWERS… in the Name of YESHUA HAMASHIACH, (JESUS CHRIST), Amen. Receive it.. Claim it… E…
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RT @BonesawTX: “Hello, my name is Scraps.” @TwoPlayerATX Robot Mascot Sure to short circuit from all the rockage Saturday 2/25 at…
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RT @BTPakistan: It is time to hang kalbhoshan Yadav, Indian terrorist. Pakistan need to launch a massive…
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@DwightKSchruteA @Heminator Honest question why does it bother you
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RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Sen. Chris Murphy shreds Republicans for putting Marjorie Taylor Greene on a committee that oversees scho…
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RT @SenRickScott: The Chinese spy balloon wasn't just a random object floating in the sky. It was a spycraft conducting an intelligen…
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@RCantstopme @AttorneyFren Explain to me how your phone knows which way is up then.... It's called a gyroscope. Are you a flat earther too?
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RT @erikslater_: I'd go as far as saying it's a certainty that the Nets trade for a big before the deadline. Because right now, if…
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RT @CitySanLeandro: Prepare for the Next Disaster: Learn simple steps to prepare for an emergency to ensure that you and your family ca…
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RT @noheartinhim: i love minding my business fr , it feels good to say “that shit ain’t got nothin to do with me” 😂
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@Magnolia_613 Weird when we can’t access it🤷‍♀️
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0xh3e I'm not sure I can do it. #成都 #合肥 #佛山
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RT @Power1051: MJB just killed it!!! Her voice GOES 🚀 this woman can SING and that’s not up for debate‼️ #GRAMMYs (📸 Getty) cc.…
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RT @Z3RO_GRAVITY_: @LorTomo2 That’s literally what everyone did with Boruto too. I really don’t get it. It’s like people are waiting f…
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RT @AlexBerenson: Imma keep saying it until you listen: The mRNAs work so well that the countries that use them have had FAR higher e…
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RT @saintdoII: sza is TAKING it in this mugler fw23 rtw!!! the prettiest person ever like
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