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RT @realDonaldTrump: “It’s the Democrats keeping everything closed.” @JimInhofe So true!
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It's over, Benton 45, Carlyle 42. The last quarter was played in a snappy 30 minutes.
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RT @itsteme: It’s okay if you fall down & lose your shine, We all make stupid decisions at some point in life. But don’t stay do…
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RT @dog_rates: This is Archie. It’s his first time in the snow. Was not expecting these chilly levels. Appreciates the toasty chin…
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RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: If the media does not spend — minute for minute — the same amount of time on the death of the latest #FakeNews from…
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Fact of the day: OED suggests the first use of the word ‘Brexit’ was in this article from 2012:…
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Basically I got caught drinking at a party and it’s the only time I’ve ever done it which sucks even more cuz I never do that kind of stuff
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RT @joshrogin: Reporters on the border tell me migrants often carry small heavy rugs to throw over the barbed wire and then dump t…
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RT @GOP: “When you see Chuck Schumer and the Democrats force a government shutdown because they are so adamantly opposed to…
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Is the government reopened? How many Iowans traveled for the march? It's funny how old white guys are so concerned…
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@Sith_Lord_Soup @Olivianuzzi lol, Muellers report is NOT coming out, first it's only a summary, that summary goes t…
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RT @BTS_National: 190119 [MBC News Today] Lee Sora will release new track 'Song Request' collaborating with BTS Suga & Epik High Tabl…
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RT @neal_katyal: Mueller statement highlights need for an investigation, it doesn’t resolve things. It could be Mueller doesn’t have…
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RT @Jono_Tron: @savtwopointoh When you're so used to roasting people it's instinctive
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@DavidAFrench TDS. It's been proven to do things like this.
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RT @melanisticangel: It's time for another PSA‼️ add me on snap to stay updated on #XRATEDPastCurfew 😛😏💦
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RT @lissomeyy: I just hope it continues. It’s an unsafe environment filled with toxic behavior and misleading characterizations of…
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RT @WeirdWordist: Thank you @RJ_roro for answering questions for my first author interview. It's my honor to spotlight you. Please fo…
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@garlicjuice I hate how numbers seem to determine shit in the workplace. It’s just not fair more than half the time in my opinion.
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