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RT @MaajidNawaz: Yes, but it wasn’t *just* Russian propaganda that led to Brexit. They exploited resentment from Merkel’s Open Door…
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Un beso bye 💋
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RT @jbro_1776: Trump is in office for a year and ISIS is obliterated. Remember when he said he'd do this…
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@EthanBotberry I can make a video Hej, ISIS: Bojte se Slovenije!
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RT @Halalcoholism: 140: Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams 280: wake up libtards Antifa is the Soros globalist cabal ISIS Bush did 9/11…
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RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: The world treated Alqaeda as a military problem, the result was ISIS. And now the world is treating ISIS is a purely military problem again.
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RT @NeelInduNeel: कमल हासन को मार दो । संजय भंसाली को मार दो । दीपिका का नाक काट दो । उपरोक्त सभी फतवे ISIS द्वारा जारी किए गये हैं,…
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RT @AveenIsmaill: When #ISIS entered #Yezidi villages in #Sinjar . They #killed, #kidnapped and forced thousands of Yezidis converted…
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RT @TheArabSource: #ISIS mass surrenders large Deir Ezzor island, 250+ terrorists captured #Deir_Ezzor #Syria
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RT @AveenIsmaill: Ever wondered why we Yezidis were forbidden to wear anything of the color blue? Read more:
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RT @vvanwilgenburg: Most likely nothing. 1. Not all volunteers are 'extreme' left, includes also rightwing volunteers 2. Most join to f…
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RT @AveenIsmaill: When we Yezidis say "guhdarî Xodé ka" (listen to #God). What it means is #MEDITATION. We #Yezidis MUST start prac…
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Comparing karni sena with ISIS is your frustration sir. Don't forget, kashmiri pandit exodus took place because of…
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RT @daguuniaa: połączyłam dwie opinie czarnoskórych mężczyzn o Marszu Niepodległości Jeden zrównuje Marsz do ISIS Drugi zaskarża V…
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RT @TheArabSource: Goodbye ISIS: Maps of #Iraq show how much land was liberated from terrorist group #Syria
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RT @Pandita_Gargi: #Metoo Brigade...Religion sponsored and sanctioned rape & sex slavery like ISIS is preferable innit ? Aah...But as…
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@F_Y_Playmaker こんばんは、申し訳ありません遅くなってしまって… お迎えと合言葉…ありがとうございます。 よろしくお願いしますね? こちらも確認済みです。合言葉は『INTO THE VRAINS!!』でいいのですよね…?
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RT @DrMarcusP: Now that #ISIS is on the verge of an outright defeat in #Syria, will there be a UNSC-approved investigation into wh…
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RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: We're talking about funding, supply routes, etc - but the fact is, even if ISIS is defeated, the conditions from which it sprung continue.
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How Did Two All-Americans Fall In With ISIS?
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