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RT @__elsy: This is by far one of the MOST heartbreaking videos I’ve ever seen. You can hear the pain in her voice. I just can’…
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What do you mean Jess is lying about Ch***? — i’ve never once said that
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RT @GOPChairwoman: Kamala Harris would “eliminate” private plans for 200 MILLION Americans. She can flip flop all she wants, but eve…
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@ChristieGolden Trying to be a private, professional, human being on Twitter is like walking a minfield, blindfolde…
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RT @mmpadellan: Ilhan Omar is an American. Ilhan Omar is a Congresswoman. Ilhan Omar was duly elected by the Americans in Minnesota…
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@ManMadeMoon OK, I that's it! I'm fed up with people on twitter going on all week about 'oh, it's 10 years old now'…
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I'm real and legit sugar daddy looking for a sugar baby who is honest and trustworthy who I can spoil with my riche…
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10:24am.... The WB 610 exit ramp at Paris Ave is closed due to a ground level gas line leak
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RT @ImranKhanPTI: Appreciate ICJ’s decision not to acquit, release & return Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav to India. He is guilty of cri…
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@obiuzoo Obi you suppose get faith now.. Don't worry.. My faith is enough to carry you 😂😂
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@neiltyson While the New Moon is portrayed in 95% of artwork. Pick a painting and it's probably there, you just can't see it.
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RT @Ghiaccio_bot: *Is sweating ever so slightly*
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#WFPL 📰 Here’s How To Apply For The JCPS School Board’s Vacant Seat The Jefferson County Board of Education is now…
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2/5 redact or hold back any information regarding any unindicted parties to the action, so that they would not be…
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RT @wtvrkathleen: this is literally the FUNNIEST thing ever oh my god...what an idiot
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RT @rgay: The president is fomenting racism, publicly, at rallies. He is smugly allowing his rally supporters to share racist…
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@RKid324 @OlipopsYT @BigHailFan @luigiluigi49491 @Pokemon Also, wild area is just safari zone mixed with festival p…
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RT @ProudResister: One of the reasons @RepAlGreen introduced the impeachment resolution yesterday is he’s concerned that Trump’s racis…
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RT @AbrahamWeint: Concedi entrevista ao programa Os Pingos nos Is, da Jovem Pan. Assistam e fiquem por dentro do #FutureSe 🇧🇷
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This is sure to make the skin crawl of any proud geek
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