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RT @ArabianPengin: This Kermit and Irish spring romance saga is honestly the best thing on the internet right now @Jenna_Marbles
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@braiden_irish Everyday!
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From 2021 Emmanuel Macron will force Penny Mordaunt to live off the Irish or face a public beating #EstherMcVeyFacts
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@CorbettWc We're pleased you're following us, join us in-app: iOS at & at Android
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RT @alreadytaken74: The most impenetrable Irish accent I've ever heard. Particularly like the bit right at the end of this where he se…
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Yesterday this really pissed me off, but today I'm like: Why has not one Taoiseach in the history of the state been…
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@CalJamieson I have come across a shocking amount of Irish racists and Brexit supporters in the UK. The Irony doesn…
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2019 @HeritageWeek was launched yesterday by @josephamadigan & once again promises to be a fantastic opportunity to…
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RT @fionapettit71: Please read and share thank you.
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Boris Johnson on Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, “Why isn’t he called Murphy like all the rest of them”. This crass…
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RT @TrojanManifesto: Sir Anthony Hart, retired judge who chaired a major inquiry into historical child abuse in Northern Irish instituti…
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Here's one ex-ambassadors' not-so-diplomatic take on Boris Johnson. It involves hamsters.
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RT @pupistuff: Directly linked to consultant recruitment crisis #CareCantWait
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RT @GoMarketingHub: Here's a short video of my interview on @VirginMedia_One's @ElaineVMTV Show yesterday talking all about…
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RT @ReniSantelises: ICE in NYC harassing Latin’s Muslims Africans West Indians And not fucking with the Irish Polish Greeks Italian…
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RT @Speech7x7: 🇮🇪Ireland : Irish People SPEAK OUT about Them Being REPLACED by Migrants❗️😟"We only have a tiny island that we can…
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RT @IDAIRELAND: Taking Takeda global with Irish pharma plant centre stage
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RT @jmjafrx: Sigh. This image is from 19th century Louisiana and the whole point of it is the debauchery slavery imposed/allowed…
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RT @dramcgarry: To all the Irish-Americans who support Trump (and they are many). There was a time in the not so distant past when…
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