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Your healing crystal is: Chert for: Willfulness, heals exhaustion, illness, infections, colds
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RT @Pfizer_France: C’est la Semaine Européenne de la Vaccination ! Suivez les [Le saviez-vous ?] que nous publierons chaque jour pour…
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RT @being_nimal: @BritishPM @sterlite_copper pollutes the air increasing prevalence rate of asthma and respiratory infections Why…
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RT @MSSymptomsGone: Proposed causes for #MultipleSclerosis include genetics and environmental factors such as infections.
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Why y'all got yeast infections?
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RT @PeterHotez: #Sepsis and age: there's an interesting literature on decreased immune and neutrophil function with grief and psych…
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RT @being_nimal: @BritishPM @sterlite_copper pollutes the air increasing prevalence rate of asthma and respiratory infections Why…
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Showering every day could INCREASE the risk of infections, experts say via @MailOnline #Scientists and Confusion.
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RT @kariusdx: Proud to sponsor @RadyGenomics Pediatric Genomic Medicine April 25-27 at @ScrippsSTSI Meet our team to hear about p…
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RT @OmariiG_: I’m better off by myself
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RT @IndiaToday: Health official said medical tourism especially in a country like India has been bringing its own sets of infection…
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RT @latimes: In an ominous sign for patient safety, 71% of reusable medical scopes - used for colonoscopies, lung procedures, ki…
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RT @BCMHouston_News: .@bcmhouston's @DocWoc71 discusses blood infections with @KHOU's @JanelleKHOU. Tune in tonight at 10 pm for more.
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@dspIys Menu infections are now a thing
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RT @AcneSkinSite: Aloe Vera = soothes skin + fights acne. Honey = fights infections causing acne. Together = acne fighting facial.
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RT @ChinaDailyUSA: China's National Health Commission says no cases of indigenous #malaria reported in 2017 – first time in decades. M…
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RT @ICECOLDFROOTI: the negative stigma around STI’s are why people don’t get tested and lie about their status/avoid seeking medical c…
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So I was just looking at this girl on FB and was like I bet she gets a lot of yeast infections. Is that a normal th…
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RT @SilverRefuse: @silverdaizys @exilezayh Gsc menu infections which is what I just linked you
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ESR supports World Meningitis Day. Meningitis can be caused by viral or bacterial infections. ESR's Public Health S…
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