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like literally ignore him 😂
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RT @yunhodavibes: if you ignore all the tweets, they all start to disappear. then you close the bird app, and you realise that… none of this really matters
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RT @brownskingirlsm: Me and my sisters are escaping incestral abuse/r*pe and can’t afford to relocate somewhere safer. A hotel room incr…
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RT @lisa_liberal: Biden’s new Inflation Reduction Act will only raise taxes on those make over 400,000 thousand a year. The GOP is l…
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RT @Joe_Gatto: This is my account. Ignore anyone else that’s not this account. That’s on you all out there to be smart. Please do…
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RT @EmekaIhedioha: This is completely fake. Please ignore. Thanks.
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@Hoperighthere7_ If you know him, don't pretend to ignore the subject, because it doesn't work anymore. They get so…
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This is why Fighters ignore y’all in public and treat you fans like shit-which I fully support. Fuck the fans, most…
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RT @Kirabetts30: 1. Mikayla Maroney not getting a perfect 10 for "The Fault." 2. Mikayla Maroney getting silver. 3. Mikayla Maroney…
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@khloe Thankfully no one tells me anything anymore. I’d just ignore the noise and plow forward
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RT @MishSerut: Amazing how UDA supporters always ignore the “he’s been DP for ten years” argument.
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RT @RupertMyers: House of Zana boutique owner wins trademark row with Zara Mrs Kotrri said: "To anyone in a similar position I woul…
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@OsloFF @ckanimba Fake hero, huuuummm!!! Genocide survivor?? 😧 Who? Carine!, Anyone who wrote this tweet am very su…
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But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And w…
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@MattWalshBlog Bruh she's E-girl 🤡 you can ignore her
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RT @buckleysthinker: // st fandom is very comfortable being ableist because ever since robin showed autistic traits people decided to ig…
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@CrimeWatchMpls Clearly we need more gun laws for judges to ignore.
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@IAmSteveHarvey Take your time, and really get to know a person. And don’t ignore the red flags!
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ᅠ Indeed it can't , I'll just figure out a way to ignore them . ᅠ
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RT @SwayamCuler: These are the Ronaldo fans you try to argue with every day. Please do yourself a favour and ignore them.
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