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RT @sleepingongems: November 2018: NEW ALBUMS FROM: Anderson .Paak Action Bronson Vince Staples Earl Sweatshirt Tyler The Creator Smi…
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@abower9500 @am3liax I think people have heard of it before because it was a huge thing, but they have no clue wher…
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Andrew: so i want to slide into this girl's dms but idk what to say... CJ: just tell her "you're beautiful" Andre…
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If you could only make one wish, what would it be? — Idk that’s like the hardest question ever give me a couple of…
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RT @hanactive: idk why this is surfacing but lately I feel SO much resentment towards the mh services. they fucked me up at a time…
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RT @_typowezycie: Tak bardzo nienawidzę jak ktoś wchodzi mi do pokoju jak ćwiczę lub tańczę Idk to jest po prostu takie mega krępujące
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RT @jaw_cee: Idk how much longer I can take this. I’m really at my breaking point. Like every aspect of my life is kicking my ass and I’m fucking tired
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dream vacation destination? — idk😔😔
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I woke up feeling like I went to the gym this morning when all I did was scrub the shit outta the walls and all our…
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RT @keyleesinderud: Some of my friends have had “Friendsgiving” already.... but i wasn’t invited.... if that isn’t worse than a heartbreak then idk
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RT @Blazian_Goddess: I love @ArianaGrande , & idk why im just realizing this 💗
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Y’all i need do story time more often because i really be having true crazy ass stories to tell dawg 😂 idk why the…
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Idk what hairstyle I want next 😩 .
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I think it's cute when someone texts you after hanging out just to say they had fun with you, idk little things like that are sweet to me
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@stwaykwids @OfficialMonstaX Oh and idk what u look like YET
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RT @Drebae_: Me realizing my self care days have caused me to fall behind on my responsibilities but Idk if I should stop cause…
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@Zorziah yea actually what happened idk
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RT @thatsmyjess: You know what's sad? Yung gusto mong umiyak pero you're too exhausted to do so and you don't even know why you wan…
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I mean.... I wasn't super impressed with Age of Extinction. Idk, maybe I'll see it differently now, maybe I won't.…
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