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RT @SkillUpYT: I've been cheering for Anthem for 3 years. I wanted Bioware to succeed. The end result, though, is a product that r…
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RT @nu_flying: This is not just them being better than their previous promo. This is more than that. As long as they keep making…
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@machineiv All of the games I've been in have been so macro in scale which is congruent with the global (silly imo)…
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RT @iamstephbeatz: One of the most joyful and best shows I’ve ever seen. Are you watching @OneDayAtATime?? If not WTF BB GET INTO THIS…
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RT @melissafossati: Super weird how saying I love you is supposedly this big deal that’s more acceptable to say after you’ve been datin…
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@littleoldmanboy i would've come thursday but i have a program that morning and schools still in session so i feel…
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@ethandobbs Croconaw. I’ve just always loved him the best out of the 3. Plus Feraligatr’s gen 3 sprite ruins him
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RT @BleacherReport: Don Nelson has enjoyed retirement: “I’ve been smoking some pot” (via @anthonyVslater)
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@jiminscristal when we first met I would’ve said gn 283838 times
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ok so I’ve been kind of quiet lately and had nobody to talk to and just have been feeling kind of empty here, someo…
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@taehyeungkim Actually people thought I’d be Lucas. Maybe I should’ve been one.
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RT @JuddLegum: 1. What happened yesterday in North Carolina was one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen in politics.…
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RT @byjayare: Please Sub to My YouTube page 😎 ✴️✴️ I made a playlist of videos I’ve made, and will be uploading a lot more on th…
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I’ve seen too much ignorance on my TL today!
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@HoneyMelodies This is the cutest gif I’ve ever seen ;-;
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RT @BleacherReport: Don Nelson has enjoyed retirement: “I’ve been smoking some pot” (via @anthonyVslater)
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RT @adlinaisback: As a Psychology and GWS graduate with an interest for social and educational change, I find it hard to find an exis…
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RT @oyerooh: i really hope you find the happiness you've been pretending to have
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RT @MaxEnders: The new grand operation is the single worst experience I've ever had in BFV
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I wanted to reread D.N.Angel like....a year ago? Two? Idk why I stopped. Time to pick that up again when I've slept enough
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