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@nephyrus Maybe i just need to talk to an AI when i want to infodump about my hyperfixations lmao
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Updated hisokuro shrine at my new apartment 🥰 (the rest of the *very tol* shelving unit is dedicated to other hyper…
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@AutisticCallum_ And now my hyperfixations are on animes which has become popular enough people dont bat an eye at it
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RT @strawberryy00n: Gentle reminder that Yoongi is neurodivergent and enjoys rambling to Namjoon about his hyperfixations.
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RT @fernsnailz: lost files 11: finally, me and my friend @ShineWolfStudio decided to combine our hyperfixations this summer to cre…
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RT @lesbiposting: neurodivergent lesbians what are your current hyperfixations?
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Me talking about my hyperfixations 🥰
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RT @TheNaz2022: PLEASE WHY ARE ALL MY HYPERFIXATIONS COMING BACK on another note my A Hat in Time one is back and it ain't leaving…
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@sparklesntrash I used to all the time. It's been a loooong time, but that was one of my og hyperfixations. 🥰 I lo…
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@ldlapinski I have capacity for two hyperfixations I have capacity for two hyperfixations I have capacity for two h…
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my hyperfixations keep getting cringier and cringier what do you mean ive escaped valorant and cod just to be obsessed with overwatch now
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@Maliceunchained The biggest problem is I like info-dumping and have to remind myself readers are there for a story, not my hyperfixations.
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what do they put in the eruri water fr. my entire life my hyperfixations have only lasted 3-4 months but in a few m…
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@DevSprings You're very honest in your reviews and don't leave much detail out, keeping it precise whilst keeping t…
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RT @xwomensgf: everytime i found out there are people living life without obsessions or hyperfixations i’m just so stunned to speak like.. how the FUCK.
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@faltinians we don’t pick our hyperfixations, they pick us
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Anyone anywhere please talk to me about the hyperfixations you’ve been suppressing (or not suppressing), I’d be hap…
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RT @lesbiposting: neurodivergent lesbians what are your current hyperfixations?
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hyperfixations are wild because what do you mean I can't stop thinking about one character and I only do my chores…
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love friends who indulge me with my hyperfixations 🥲
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