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RT @AndroidArts: Beowulf Free Trader. Was thinking of doing it as a polygonal Elite hull, but technically those can not have concave…
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@sg_hull @willcolumbine @theskibeagle They do. Roads come in part from the general fund. And if you do want more,…
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@sheilabianconi Adorable!! Sounds like a perfect summer day to me.
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Do you know any vessel of more than 90 meters in length needs to have a double hull structure? The same applied to…
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Adding AIP to Kalvari This pic from @CovertShores gives an idea of what kind of work would it take to add AIP to t…
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Sad… but true! “Harry was with me in Hull City and in my opinion, he doesn’t have the level to be the @ManUtd capta…
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To her neck, connecting to the crystalline module at the base of her skull. Suddenly the woman wasn’t just there, b…
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"proposed Black Star fleet, Yarmouth was not a vessel to set a sailor’s heart aflame…Her boiler crowns were in need…
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05:00: Dry, 13.2C Windchill 13.2C (Hi 13.9C Low 12.8C), 1014.4mb NNE 0.0mph, 3%, 0.0mm
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RT @KaribuSuzuki: これ、またダメなやつだ…可愛すぎて僕が何も解説できなくなるやつ😍小指の爪くらいのめちゃくちゃ小さな #ハリセンボン の仲間です。他の魚が近づくと下半身だけポワッて膨らむんですよ💕エサを見つけると目が寄るんですよ💕本日、この子を幼魚…
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@BryanBox7 If you have the 3d model it can be printed. You just need the right printer. Ship hull models are in my…
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@HULL_SAKURASAKI お疲れ様ー 鰻食べてないけどそうなんだよー骨が刺さってしまってね
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国外文凭案例推荐 Q/微66838651购买英国≤Hull毕业证≥<文凭证书>原版1:1精仿 回国学历认证赫尔大学文凭 证书仿作Hull毕业 证成绩单修改GPA在读毕业 证-PDF硕士学位证书雅思托福保分学生卡学费单 留服留信认证…
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Hull City crosses the line editorially Simon. Speak shortly!
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Early start to chat business & economics with the peerless @seanfarrington #wakeuptomoney #r4today - slated to cove…
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@ImranRiazKhan Hull ka outer hon other k chulna c
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@octonion And down the rabbit hole you go ... look out for me down there -- I'm the one with the Hull (East Yorkshire) accent 🥴
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RT @mainichi_shogi: 女性初の将棋プロを目指す里見香奈清麗の棋士編入試験第1局が始まりました。試験官は徳田拳士四段。若手プロ5人と対戦し、3勝すれば合格して四段に。長い将棋の歴史を変えるか、里見清麗の挑戦に注目です。徳田四段の先手居飛車に里見清麗が得意…
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