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I just heard a domestic dispute beneath me and became psychically ill. I wish ppl would realize how toxic that beha…
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It's sad to see how far you've fallen. @YouTube
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RT @BSO: How Captain of The City Boyz Klay Thompson Had His Other Lady Watching His Dog Rocco While He Was Getting Back w/ H…
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RT @JamesCrisp6: Fact that Isle of Man is crown dependency and not part of UK or EU is example of how a producer in one market need…
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jeongyeon used to be so high on my list :((((( i miss gushing over how bad i wanted to hold her hand jeongyeon i mi…
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RT @BSO: How Captain of The City Boyz Klay Thompson Had His Other Lady Watching His Dog Rocco While He Was Getting Back w/ H…
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@ZeeNewsHindi @Mayawati @BJP4India Beginning foresee ultimate, How farOdecity&/or mismanagement Survive, Tail is lo…
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RT @laurenbaldoart: Small guide on how I apply color theory to my paintings and illustrations ✨
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How I look getting sad over shit I should be accepting and growing from
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@akshaykumar @isro People should know how much hard work required to do so..And you are doing it regularly..Respect🇮🇳
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where can i find a man like this?? sucks how in today’s society, guys don’t really have this mindset anymore.. 😔😔
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RT @AdamCF: Remember when Mammoliti took $80,000 from lobbyists and then all council could do was dock his pay $26,000? How abo…
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RT @iamdevloper: - I want to increase my productivity 100+ yr old scientific research: consistently get 8hrs of sleep - how about a…
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RT @CraigCons: Jesus said: “I was a stranger & you invited me in.” The Torah reminded: “Don’t oppress a foreigner, you yourselves…
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RT @ajwhitewolf: We can spend 750.00 per day to keep children in concentration camps. My v.a. benefits 617.00 per month. Tell me a…
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RT @___rukaiya: I love how face looks after ive cried. Plump lips? Long lashes? Clear skin? Sign me up for that shit everyday
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agr eu to aqui eu mesmo me perguntando how do you sleep? pois sem sono nenhum
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How do you like that, all quiet on the Western Front? (どうだ、俺の攻撃は! 西部戦線はこんなものではなかったぞ?)
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No matter what I matter how hard I try.the ones I love will always be the ones who pay.
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RT @Rude_Astrology: wayment, hold awn, so, Scorpios get defensive when you know just how they function, but they always wanna know the…
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