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missing sangmin hours: open
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RT @suepalkafox5dc: Model guidance continues to increase the expected rain in next 24 hours. AM commute may require a bit more time!
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emo hours started surprisingly early today
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Let’s see if I can make 11% last me 2.5 hours on a slow ass day of work
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RT @BetoORourke: Our cross country road trip continues with a visit to every single county of New Hampshire over the next 48 hours.…
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@CopyCatThief — THE SEX GAME —— ♡ for an answer. Would I fuck you? Yes Condom or raw? Condom Loud or quiet…
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RT @LoganPaul: finishing up final touches on the flat earth doc. holy shit. im pumped for this to drop... t-minus two hours
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RT @parkerwrxn: i've had to sneeze for four hours
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RT @politico: Beto O'Rourke said the $6.1 million he raised in the first 24 hours of his campaign came from more than 128,000 don…
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bro 23 in less then 3 hours .. getting old 👵🏼
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RT @prayingmedic: Many fake accounts have popped up in the 12 hours I was gone. However, this account (@denise_artist) is my amazing…
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RT @JbKnockout: sibling fights don’t end in apology, y’all just walk around the house and don’t talk to each other for a couple hou…
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RT @m_yosry2012: This is why they call it magic hours
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RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: His critics claimed that his record-breaking 1st day of donations must have been because of large donors…
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RT @fclinkinc: FINAL ROUND! It's time to find a winner to our goal competition! We have 3 teams @GPFCSOCCER @sgp_soccer and…
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RT @adam22: This hoodie drops tomorrow RT if you want a free one I’ll pick someone in 24 hours
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RT @ESPNStreak: We are less than 24 hours from the start of our back-to-back Tourney Tipoff Challenges! Put together the longest st…
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RT @RudyGiuliani: If Cohen is not indicted for multiple perjuries before Congress,DOJ must dismiss the Flynn indictment. He was not…
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RT @hels: Book People: can you calmly, in detail, explain to me how you read so. many. books.? Do you just skim them? Do you…
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RT @acnewsitics: Okay folks, got good news and bad news! Good News: Free shipping is extended another 48 hours! Bad News: My wife…
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