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@RareHorror @jjoanning @spencerfleury @kathrynelyseg Wow. I always like to brag how awesome and kind horror fans ar…
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A tower stands in a valley of dying stars, a place of the unknowing, a trap set to keep her forever locked away und…
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@Debmorg2 @joelpollak @realDonaldTrump @MSNBC @FoxNews I imagine Obama lied plenty- after all, he's a man! I'm not…
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We've moved on to The Messenger and we've already hit the horror stream goal thanks to y'alls amazingness. Cooking…
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RT @sturoseheart: Some big listening numbers for this weeks ‘s 5D Podcast episode - thank you all! #scifi #fantasy #horror
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Watching Constantine season 1 I don’t know why it had poor ratings & they had to cut it at season 1 😩 in my opinion…
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RT @sturoseheart: 5D podcast: @DarkSublimePlay , @Marina_Sirtis I Am Mother vs Transformers: The Last knight, Rambo: Last Blood, Term…
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RT @robreiner: I’m in Sedona where my daughter will be giving a photographic presentation. And although it’s beautiful & quite spi…
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MOVIE QUESTION OF THE DAY! - Name your most & least anticipated film for the month of July? My Answer: • Most: On…
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RT @larroschi: No daba crédito y lo vi con mis propios ojos. Un horror absoluto.
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RT @sturoseheart: In the 5D Podcast - our take from @E3 , such as @CyberpunkGame , @jonnybernthal , Blair Witch, @finalfantasyvii
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Anyone recommend any good horror/psychological films?
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RT @Taconrajon: Un día eres joven y al otro día en el tono te pones a observar a los chibolos y dices "NOSOTROS NO ÉRAMOS ASÍ, DIOS…
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expository outline horror movie reviews how to write a 5 page research paper
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This map was well done. It’s too bad we weren’t... WE BROKE IT... AGAIN! | GMod Horror Maps: Stage 2
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RT @Film4: Our late night highlight tonight at 1.50am is @AliceLowe’s prenatal serial killer horror, Prevenge.
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RT @WrapMac: @Constanza_FA @Oandradelallana Enorme Consti querida, con el bolsillo en el 2019 y las ideas en el 2000. Preparando…
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RT @oguardingo: Qué horror leer a Gabriel Rufián o Mireia Boya justificar la violencia que hoy se ha vivido en plazas de Sabadell o…
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RT @sheikh_anon: Midsommar (Horror/Thriller,2019) Siapa suka movie pelik & disturbing macam movie US,Hereditary tu ?! Movie ni pasa…
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RT @camivarela_3: Me pueden hacer muchas cosas pero de seguro JAMÁS van a presumir mi culo por que claramente no tengo y es un horror
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